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Religious leaders convey peace messages



 Religious leaders conveyed peace messages on the tenth anniversary of Ethiopian Millennium.

South Gonder Ethiopian Orthodox Church Arch Bishop Dr. Bitsue Abune Aregawi yesterday said every peace -loving citizen needs to preach the values of peace everywhere in a bid to maintain the tranquility in the country.

As we celebrate peace day, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church renews its commitments towards the strengthen of peaceful coexistence and tolerance in the country.”

Ethiopian Muslim Affairs Super Council Haji Kedir Hussen for his part noted that Ethiopia is striving to address the demands of fellow citizens via fighting poverty and upholding sustainable peace which would make the nation to realize its set goal.

Ethiopia Evangelical Churches Fellowship President Pastor Tsadiku Abdo also noted that we should accept ourselves and abide by the words of God. Each family should seek peace to the other neighbor and settle any demand through dialogue and discussions.

According to Tsadiku, today our world is full of violence, and our daily lives are marred by conflict and turmoil. But God promises his people a peace that surpasses all understanding.

Protecting and safeguarding peace therefore requires a multi-faced approach ranging from peace in the family and in the entire nation. Those who may suffer from lack of peace could be deprived of working from dawn to dusk,” he said.

Ethiopian Unison Mission of the Seventh day Adventist International Church President Pastor Temesgen Bulti for his part said that peace building activities comes from the hearts and minds and each household deems to address emerging conflict.

Ethiopian Catholic Church Vice President Pastor Dr.Kiros Lakew noted that peace is the way to prosperity and development “ It is a priceless asset ,we should safeguard it under any circumstances .

Ethiopia Inter religious Council General Secretariat Pastor Zerihun Degu also said Ethiopia is an 'anchor of peace' because the people of Ethiopia values peace. They had been paying great price to restore peace and order on various occasions in the past .









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Nation honors elders


Nation honored elders with great zeal in connection with the tenth anniversary of Ethiopian Millennium on Sunday at special event organized jointly by Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and Macedonia Humanitarian Association.

Speaking at the occasion , the House of Peoples’ Representatives Speaker Abadula Gemeda said: “Marking the day under theme “ Honor to Elders”, it reminds us to give credits for those who have played irreplaceable roles in safeguarding country 's sovereignty.”

He also called on all Ethiopians to support those who are in desperate need of support and care. “ Biniam Belete, the Founder of Macedonia Humanitarian Association, has given us a great lesson in helping elders and mentally disabled .”

Macedonia Humanitarian Association has been carrying out commendable humanitarian deeds without external support.

Our elders have contributed a lot to the overall development and growth of this great country .Hence, they need our support and respect throughout their lives,” he added.

According to the speaker, Biniam’s dedication and commitment to support elders need to be commended and the public have to continue extending support to Macedonia. Labour and Social Affairs Minister Abdulfetah Abdullahi for his part said currently, the government has been actively working to ease the country’s socio economic challenges and ensure the country’s Renaissance Journey.

Such occasion has a significant role in supporting elders and the needy . We have to renew our commitments to continue the necessary support to Macedonia.”

Meanwhile the ministry donated various materials to the association .

Macedonia Humanitarian Association Executive Director Biniam Belete also said: “ For the last six years, we have been extending support to elders voluntarily . Such humanitarian activities have also great religious and cultural values .”

Taking the opportunity, he urged the public to continue their support as the association is being run by the financial and the material supports of government and public at large.

We spend over 1.5 million Birr for our elders and mentally disabled every month. We thank the Ethio-telecom, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs other ministerial offices for their immense support. Besides, we plan to expand our activities to help elders in various states,” he said. Currently, there are 1,500 elders and mentally disabled that have taken shelter in Macedonia Humanitarian Association .


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Seeing the recent mass arrest of corruption suspects ,some say corruption is being taken for granted in Ethiopia and call for ramping up efforts in the fight against this social malice. Others also urge the government to work harder to prevent corruption before it occurs.

Over the last two decades, a number of senior officials,business people ,brokers and accomplices have been apprehended over corruption. They have been convicted of corrupt practices as well. However, the number of those individuals who squander public money is on rise than never before.

Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission Communication Affairs Team Coordinator Brook Negash says : “ Aside from the existing anti-corruption measures and practices, the commission is thinking of implementing Institutional Integrated Corruption Prevention Strategy with a view to coping with the ever- changing nature of corruption in the country . In the near future , Each state owned enterprise and institute will open independent corruption prevention and combating bureaus in line with the strategy .”

For so many years, anti-corruption activities have not been taken as the core parts of a given public institution. But, the strategy vividly states that each and every public servant has to take responsibility for combating corruption.

“ The robust efforts of the Commission,the General Attorney and Federal Police in the fight against corruption won't bear fruit without the active participation of the public at large. That is why we need to put into effect the strategy soon,” he says, adding that : “ There . must be a large number of ethical leaders in every institute.”

 Indeed, many developed countries have managed to control the spread of corruption owing to impressive corruption prevention activities. Huge amount of money and time will be retrieved and rescued form embezzlement through such effective activities.

According to him, when anti-corruption office is established in a given institute , it will function in parallel with the duties and responsibilities of the institute. Such strategy has been proven successful in various countries.

Apart from implementing the strategy ,the commission is now offering ethical leadership training to senior officials nationwide. “ Those who are assigned as general mangers and directors need to be role models in the fight against corruption.”

In fact, some years back, the Anti-Corruption and Ethics Commission has begun registering the property of state officials and civil servants in its efforts to fight against corruption .

Talking about the advantages of the property registration, Brook points out that apart from making higher officials accountable and transparent, it helps the public to develop sense of trust in the government .

Regarding the accessibility of the property registration information to the public at large , He notes that any interested individual can access the information via filling up the form.

Hence, the commission must strengthen its task of registering property in a bid to expose corrupt individuals at an early stage .

 Explaining the irreplaceable roles of the general public in preventing and combating corruption, Brook says the misuse of public money is the concern of every fellow citizen .Thus, the general public have to be at forefront of combating corruption.

Moreover, those state officials and public servants who have been risking their jobs and lives while attempting to expose the illegal acts of corrupt senior officials together with their accomplices need legal protection.

Therefore, the government and any pertinent bodies are expected to further strengthen the efforts in providing legal protection for such whistle-blowers.

Taking punitive action against corrupt officials by itself is not enough. The state has to work further to own fellow citizens who detest all form of corruption,” he says.

 Apparently, some elementary and primary schools as well as state and private universities have ant-corruption clubs in a view with deepening the awareness of the students towards corruption. Such clubs are helpful in fighting rent seeking mentality and bringing about the required outcomes in the fight.

Brook indicates that the commission is expected to do much in terms of preventing corrupt practices in the mega projects of the country in the near future.

He also underlines the punitive actions that are taken against corrupt state officials need be done in the way to give lessons to others.



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