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The Federal Transport Authority (FTA) has announced that the inauguration of public transport between Ethiopia and Sudan would play a major role in forging economic and people-to-people relations. The Authority also has a plan to interconnect Eastern African counties with public transport. 

According to Tesfaye Belachew, the Public Transport Accreditation Director, after eight years of thorough discussions, it was made possible to interconnect Ethiopia and Sudan through public transport.
As of the launching of the public transport between the two countries, successful works have been put into effect. A case in point, the system has played crucial role in the containing illegal human trafficking.
As per the Director, roundabout journey fare from Sudan to Ethiopia is not less than 20,000 Birr by plane. On the contrary, the public bus fare is 5,000 Birr. It takes two days from Addis Ababa to Khartoum. Following the immigration and custom procedures, the journey may take four days at the moment.
Bringing into play public transport has been enhancing social ties between the two countries. After investigating the lucrativeness of the business, public land transport will be launched to Djibouti parallel to railyway line service.
“If peace and tranquility are fully restored between Somalia and South Sudan interconnecting our country with them would be inevitable. What is more, interconnecting Ethiopia and Kenya with land transport would be unavoidable if the Federal Transport Authority of Ethiopia reached an agreement with the latter,” he wrapped up.



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The Ministry of Women and Children Affairs and Ministry of Health had arranged cervical and breast cancer screening program at Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital and Gandhi Memorial Hospital in connection with the anniversary of the International Women's Day. 

Seizing the opportunity women from different corners of the capital had actively partaken in the program. The Minister of Women and Children Affairs Demitu Hambessa and State Minster for Health Dr. Kebede Worku had graced the event with their presence.
As per the dignitaries, women should mark such a day involving themselves fully in cervical and breast cancer screening. They as well should keep themselves away from non contagious diseases. The fact that the service was given given free of charge is appreciative.
Specially mothers’ should discharge their responsibilities by undergoing cervical and breast cancer screening at different time. Regarding cancer, they as well must follow up the health of their daughters under 18.
According to the Black Lion Hospital, Nursing Director, Sahara Kahsay, the hospital had arranged to give service for 200 women on breast and cervical cancer examination regarding the international women’s day. Happily, within half a day, 110 women had underwent the examination. In particular, women with marriageable age should undergo cervical and breast cancer screening. Unfortunately, most women are reluctant to partake in the test as they are scared away by possible displeasing results. By facilitating such mass-tests opportunities for women, it is possible to make them distance themselves from fear.
“Women have little awareness pertaining to the significance of the breast and cervical cancer examination. Awareness raising activities concerning cancer are not done as they should be to this point. In this fashion, it would be impossible to achieve the desired goal. The awareness level of those who apply for cancer screening is lower compared with those who drop in for other medical checkups,” she added.
“The pre-cancer examination was remarkable. A lot of awareness activities had been done earlier than we took the examination. I have deepened my knowledge and awareness in this regard I strongly advise women should involve themselves in the pre cervical and breast cancer examination. At my workplace women employees are encouraged to check their health over and over again. Other organizations should emulate the same trend with a view to maintaining women’s healthy,” said Tsehay one of the participants in the program at the Black lion specialized hospital.
As per Woinshet Moges, the other participant in the program, creating this kind of opportunity on International Women's Day is laudable. Breast self-examination and cervical cancer mass testing make the examination uncomplicated apart from making women feel at ease. The examination as well enables them to figure out their existing health condition. As to me, awareness raising campaign should be done every so often.



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ADDIS ABABA – Twenty five years ago, Ethiopia used to have less than 100 hospitals but now it has three times as much. 

Similarly, the number of health stations was around 1400, but now it has shot up to over 3000. The figure regarding health institutions is also snowballing.
The Ethiopian Herald had approached pertinent bodies about their say regarding whether health institutions are expanding and developing enough to citizens' satisfaction when it comes to numbers and modern technological equipment.
Health institutions are dramatically rippling across the country. Even health institutions are being furnished with modern and health materials,disclosed Ministry of Health (MoH).
Dr Yibelital Mekonin Clinical Service Directorate Acting Director within MoH told to The Ethiopian Herald that, the health institutions coverage in the nation is about 85% - 90%. For about 100 million people, there are over 3620 health stations, 18,000 health-post. Also there are about 400 governmental hospitals in the country. From these about 28 give advanced medical service. The others are the first level and state hospitals.
Citizens are getting relatively better services from the institutions as Dr Yibelital said. In the health-post and health stations,basic services are being given like communicable and non communicable disease medication, mothers and children services included. The first level hospitals also give basic and emergency services including surgery services.
The higher hospitals give services on maternal, child and other surgery and internal illness . Different sub specialty and supper specialty like cancer and heart case services are given through tertiary level hospitals or they will be rendered by federal and referral universities, mentions the acting director.
He does not conceal the need to renovate old and dilapidated institutions to strengthen them so that they pass the basic quality assurance test. Also strengthening health post is required.
Asegid Bekele health institutions inspection coordinator within The Federal Food, Medicine and Health Care Administration and control Authority (FMHACA) said that, it cannot be said works done are enough.
Regarding the fulfillment of necessary equipment, drug supply and experts of the sector, FMHACA conducted an assessment at a national level and identified the presence of a gap in the sector.
Stakeholders have already discussed on the research and they are taking actions to fill gaps, as to the coordinator. Specially there is a call for addressing on equipment maintenance problem and human power.
Asegid added that, institutions which cannot meet the standard were made out of service. The punitive measure would be temporal or on limited services, the FMHACA gives them time to fill their gaps. Otherwise the license of institutions which are treats for the communities health will be revoked.
Dr Yibelital said that regarding health materials, the MoH is striving to render the country's health sector modern. For special medication including mechanical ventilator and others materials useful in IC room are available. This special medical materials all are made available in about 30 institutions. They have already began giving services.
He said works are underway to have two surgery tables in one institution. City-scan and MRI,useful for a special test will be made available in states and in Addis.
On his part Zenebe Akale Mather's and Youth's Health Group Coordinator for Maternal and Children Directorate within the Ministry added that to emerge successful in decreasing maternal mortality rate, the increment of health institutions and the availability of technological equipment play great role. Human development in the sector and assurance of accountability are the other means.
To make the sector more modern and accessible for societies, as the acting director said, collaborating with stakeholders MoH has a plan to increase the number and fulfill every modern and big materials states need. The same must be done for federal hospitals and other health institutions.



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ADDIS ABABA – “if equal opportunity is given to women,all the perceptions and expectations to what women can and can’t do will vanish once and for all” said kalkidan Girma a co pilot to Boeing 777 and 787 on Ethiopian on an all-women -operated recent flight dispatch to Buenos Aires, Argentina 

‘’I am optimist about the future to hear people speaking about all-women functioned flights as no surprise .”
As a child when asked about her ambitions in the future she would reply I want to be a pilot. And so she did. Her commitment and hard work has brought her to living her dream and become a role model to all women who suffer of being women in a country where gender equality is still less practiced.
Even though Kalkidan took her father’s footsteps to become a pilot, she never doubted her capabilities in her determination to believe in herself. She gives credit to her family members. Their support has a big role but mostly she advise women to be courageous and take the lead putting themselves first. She advises them to use the challenges as opportunity to win fame and use femininity as power.
Ethiopian Airlines is among the pioneers to be an exemplary company in giving women opportunities. There are about 3 thousand women employees serving in different capacities—cabin crew, technicians, hostess, captains , pilots and co pilots.
Similarly on March 8 ,in its special edition Addis Zemen ,the Amharic Daily bore the works of 12 female journalists from a reporter to Editor-in-Chief.




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