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Referee Bamlak to officiate at 2018 Moscow World Cup

ADDIS ABABA – The Ethiopian International referee Bamlak Tesema will officiate at the 2018 World Cup.
The world football governing body, FIFA, has selected 36 referees and 63 assistants for this global big event. The good thing about this selection is Bamlak is included among the 6 referees selected from Africa.
Bamlak said that this is the best opportunity one can get in life time as referee. “Our career is limited within 20 to 25 years margin. In this refereeing career getting a place to officiate in the World Cup is the ultimate reward. I managed to succeed this time. If Ethiopian referees work hard it is possible two or three international referees can get this great chance,” Bamlak said.
Despite the poor showing in the field of football, the country is now represented in the World Cup through Bamlak.

Berhanena Selam continue domination in Addis cycling race

ADDIS ABABA – The newly formed Berhanena Selam Enterprize cycling side continued their domination with a spectacular sweeping victory in the Coca Cola Addis Ababa cycling race that took place at Tsion Hotel-Wingate venue on Sunday.
In the men’s 42.9km course race Biniam Solomon of Berhanena Selam came out first to be followed by his compatriots Haile Awol and Samson Mintesnot to take all the top three places, in that order.
This kind of sweeping victory in their debut was little expected at the start but Berhanena Selam did it for the third time in a row. Only 13 cyclists managed to finish the 42.9km gruelling race out of 20 participants.
In 3.4km youth race that attracted 8 cyclists Kaleab Belete. Amanuel Gichew and Edom Tarekegn took from one up to three places, respectively. Of the 8 participants only one cyclist dropped half way.
In the women’s mountain bike that covered 3.9km Tigist Lema and Hana Bulbula finished first and second out of seven participants. Two pulled out of the race half way.
In the men’s 34km mountain bike Eshetu Madebo, Tamirat Tibebu and Tewodros Tadesse occupied from one up to three places, in the order of that. Of the 26 participants 22 completed the race.
The Addis Ababa Coca Cola cycling race is sponsored by Coca Cola East Africa Bottling Company.


Coach Abraham succeeds in Yemen

ADDIS ABABA – The Ethiopian Coach Abraham Mebratu guided the war torn Yemeni football side in to the Asian Cup finals.
The Yemeni side managed to reach the Asian Cup finals that will be staged in UAE following a 2-1 win over Nepal.
It may be difficult to take part in international football competition under this difficult situation but Yemen did so under the watchful eyes of Abraham for the first time.
Abraham has been in charge of the national side since March 2016.
As the war in Yemen has been raging, all home matches were played outside of the country. The decisive match against Nepal was played in Doha.

by Solomon Bekele



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Tuesday, 03 April 2018 16:58

National U-20 side suffer a 2-0 defeat

ADDIS ABABA – The Ethiopian U-20 national youth team conceded a 2-0 defeat at the hands of the visiting Burundian side in the first leg of the 15th African U-20 youth championship qualifiers on Sunday at the Addis Ababa stadium.
The visiting side coach Josef Mafunza expressed delight by the results he earned in the away match. “This is the first leg in home and away qualifiers in which we gained an advantage. It is good to have a 2-0 advantage before the second leg,” he said.
“I can say that even my side marched on the edge of qualification. We have to lose by the same 2-0 margin to go for penalty shootouts. A single goal in the return match against Ethiopia will frustrate them,” he added. He further said, “This doesn’t mean that the game is over. We know there is full 90 minutes. We came here and gained a 2-0 win. The result can be reversed in Burundi three weeks from now. We must be very careful not to face that reversal.”
The disappointed Ethiopia head Coach Atnafu Alemu complained that lack of proper preparation led cost his side to this disastrous defeat. “We have selected 25 players for the Under 20 Ethiopian national football team just a week ago. The players have never been together for more than three trainings. Under this circumstance it is difficult to have strong side,” the coach said.
But he didn’t lose hope defeat the defeat. “What we have to do is to remain sober in order to reorganize ourselves for the return leg. The possibility of qualification is not dead. There is the hope of overcoming the deficit. Though the possibility looks slim, we will do everything possible to reverse the 2-0 deficit. I know that this is an uphill challenge but not impossible,” the Ethiopian coach said.
The 15th African U-20 youth championship will be staged in Niger. The Niger 15th African U-20 youth championship will put together 16 teams. The Nigerian side are record holders by taking 7 titles.
Judging from attendance, the Sunday match was not that impressive. Considering that incoherent play it is unlikely for the Ethiopian side to reverse the result.
In addition to this it is good if the federation gives better attention to the youth side. It sounds that there has never been given focus on the youth team.
To make matters worse, the play failed to attract huge crowed. The stadium was almost empty. One can say the spectators were interested even before the start of the game.
The cover given in the media about this international match was also extremely limited. The soccer crazy spectators usually pack the stadium during matches. But breaking this long held tradition, the Ethiopian football loving people opted to remain at home instead of going to the stadium. That has a certain contribution to the defeat.
Customary knowledge has it that the fans are the 12th player of a team but on Sunday the country’s youth were forced to play in the absence of their 12th player.

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Recently, the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) has selected Dr. Abiy Ahmed as its Chairperson and the Prime Minister of the country following the resignation of Hailemariam Desalegn from his party and government positions. Yesterday at the House of Peoples’ Representative, the outgoing Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn handed over the country’s flag and constitution to Dr. Abiy.
The new Prime Minister Dr. Abiy affirmed that his government’s commitment for the participation of citizens in the country’s democratization process and to play their part in the country’s development journey.
Dr. Abiy was born in Beshasha town in Gomma woreda, near Agaro town, Jimma Zone, Oromia State, on August 15, 1976 from his father Ahmed Ali and his mother Tezeta Wolde. Abiy is married and met his wife, Zinash Tayachew, while both were serving in the Ethiopian Defense Forces. They have three daughters together. Abiy is a multilingual and speaks Afaan Oromo, Amharic, Tigrigna and English.
According to sources, he grew up in a multilingual family with Muslim and Christian parents. His childhood name was Abiyot, meaning Revolution, a name that was sometimes given to children in the aftermath of the Derg seizure of power in 1974. The then Abiyot went to the local primary school and later continued his studies at secondary schools in Agaro town.
Dr. Abiy served in the Ethiopian National Defense Force after he had received his first degree, a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from the Microlink Information Technology College in Addis Ababa in 2001. In 2005, Abiy earned a post-graduate certificate in Cryptography at Machihe Dynamics in Pretoria, Republic of South.
Abiy holds a Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership and Change with Merit, earned from the Business School at Greenwich University, London, in collaboration with the International Leadership Institute, Addis Ababa, in 2011. He also holds a Master of Business Administration from the Leadstar College of Management and Leadership in Addis Ababa in partnership with Ashland University in 2013.
Abiy completed his Ph.D. in 2017 at the Institute for Peace and Security Studies, Addis Ababa University. He did his thesis entitled “Social Capital and its Role in Traditional Conflict Resolution in Ethiopia: The Case of Inter-Religious Conflict in Jimma Zone State”. As a follow-up to his Ph.D. thesis, he published a research article on de-escalation strategies in the Horn of Africa Bulletin in a special journal issue dedicated to countering violent extremism.
Following his election as a party chairman, various segments of the society has still been forwarding more constructive comments about Dr. Abiy achievements and future possible victories in the development of the country.
Corporate Communications Director at Ethiopian Water Technologies Institute Wasihun Alemayehu was previously working at the Ministry of Science and Technology which was administered by the leadership of Dr. Abiy Ahmed. He says that Dr. Abiy is exemplary for taking government responsibilities and commitments. He respects every employee without creating discrimination among them.
“Abiy was fully responsible to achieve the Ministry’s goals and missions successfully. He was also very democratic in his leadership regarding accepting suggestions and opinions. He would not like to impose ideas on peoples forcefully. He was rather lead discussions freely,” he added.
Dr. Abiy, according to him, was always very interested in his own education and later in his life also encouraged others to learn and to improve. Wasihun also confirms, “Dr. Abiy has strong will to learn and develop himself and to support others to do so. Due to his successful political and military careers as well as his multidimensional talents in various fields, he will be an effective leader of the country, particularly in ensuring peace and security, with the help of the whole people as the outcome is for all.”
Abiy's election to the position of the prime minister would open up opportunities for these reforms to be implemented at the broadest level throughout the country. In this regard, various people has given him comments through twitter and other social media.
Ebisa Merga, a resident in Addis, says that congratulations for Dr.Abiy Ahmed Ali for the chance to lead Ethiopia as a Prime Minister and serve his people. Ebisa commented that Dr. Abiy should properly use his authority, particularly in addressing public demands and fulfilling their needs.
Dr. Abiy could surely return the mind of the violent forces into peace. Recently, one of the prominent activist residing abroad forwarded congratulatory message through twitter to Dr Abiy Ahmed. This can be considered as optimistic move for EPRDF leadership to convince opponents in peace. He has come to power at the most critical time in the country's history to save the country from the recent perilous crisis.
Dr. Senait Fisseha, Professor of OBGYN, also extended congratulations to Dr. Abiy Ahmed for being appointed the new prime minster of Ethiopia. She says Ethiopians both at home and abroad are welcoming your election with a new sense of optimism & hope.
Amin Said also tweeted congratulations to all Ethiopians citizens for the selection of new prime minister in a democratic way. As change doesn't come over night, the people must support our new prime minister to sustain unity and tolerance among ourselves.
To conclude this article, this writer quotes from Claude Ake, Journal of Democracy, that says: "Like development, democratization is not something that one people does for another. People must do it for themselves or it does not happen."
Similarly, Robert Putnam, the author of Making Democracy Work, also says that at birth of new polities, leaders mold institutions, whereas afterwards institutions mold leaders. The Cameroon proverb that says "The goat eats where it is tethered," indicates the cross-fertilization of leadership and democratic experiments around the world.
In sum, efforts to install democracy in Ethiopia are powerfully shaped by the country's recent political and institutional legacies. Hailemariam Desalegn makes history in Ethiopia as he delivers power in his will to be part of the solution to the problems that were happened since a few years ago. Thus, democracy and development can be considered as inseparable in the overall development of any country. Hence, more democratic and transparent leadership is expected from the new prime minister in the years ahead.






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. GERD 7th anniversary marked


ADDIS ABABA- The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)   would play  great  role  in  realizing  Africa’s 2063 economic integration agenda ,said Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity.
During  the 7th  anniversary of commencement of  the construction of the Dam  yesterday at Guba,  the Ministry  State Minister Frienesh Mekuria said that  as GERD is a catalyst to the  economic growth of  Ethiopia and its neighbors,  its realization would speed up   Africa's economic integration  process as a whole.
“The construction of  the Dam  will give impetus  to the  ongoing expansion of  industrial parks and agro processing industries  in the country .”
For his part ,GERD Project Manager Eng. Simegnew Bekele  noted that the Dam is a real manifestations of a mutual socio-economic cooperation of all Ethiopians and Ethiopian friends   as it  showcases  the power of working together.
He also  urged the general public  to continue working hand in hand to realize the Dam.
At the event,  CEO of Ethiopian Electric Power Engineer Azeb Asnake  said that GERD is  contributing  a lot  in  meeting  the national and the continental  aspirations in  developing  renewable energy .
It was learnt that the construction of  GERD  has reached 65 percent completion and over  9,000 Ethiopians and 260 expatriates are working day in and day out  to see the successful  completion of the Dam in the near future.

BY Tewodros Kassa

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Tuesday, 03 April 2018 16:44

Ethiopia excelling in tourism!

Ethiopia becomes in the top list of international tourists. Reliable peace and stability, luxurious touristic services, wondering nature, attractive endemic animals [Walia Ibex, Red Fox, Chilada Baboon], Africa’s largest UNESCO registered tangible and intangible cultural heritages as well as hospitable and friendly society make the country preferable tourists destination.

“Last fiscal year, 886,897 tourists visited the country and 3,320,542,368 USD generated, while 485,806 tourists visited the country and 1,818,857,664 USD generated this fiscal half year only,” said Culture and Tourism Ministry Public and International Relations Director Gezahagn Abate.
Currently, the Ministry is working strenuously in coordination with sector actors targeting to boost the nation’s gain from untapped tourism industry.
In an exclusive interview with The Ethiopian Herald, Gezahagn emphasized that the number of tourists coming to the country is increasing from time to time following the improving tourists services rendered.
“In addition to the natural tourists endowments of the country, other positive factors are catalyzing the sector which contributed to tourists’ inflow increment. “Among these: active engagements and feasible policies to the sector by the government, advancements in star hotels and tourist serving organizations and active coordination with private sector actors,” he said.
While assuming competitiveness in the tourism industry, prioritizing and leading the sector with well trained professionals is also a plus to the sector.
Facilitating ways to tap the immense tourists’ attractions potentials of the country is fundamental to generate more from the sector. Here the expanding of the Ethiopian airlines’ destinations worldwide could be a great potential to the country’s excelling tourism. The availability of brand transportation services by the Ethiopian attracts more tourists’ inflow to the country even to the East Africa easily.
Destinations such as ancient historical places, national parks, Semien Mountains and Tigray highlands, water based Tana monasteries and others are the leading hotspots of the country.
According to him, low local visiting culture, awareness to the sector and promotion works and lack of competent professionals are the sector’s bottlenecks.
For his part, Ethiopian Tourism Organization Public Relations and communications Director Getnet Yigzaw said that the organization is doing marketing and promotion as well as new tourist destinations development to boost the nation’s gain from the tourism sector. “The new tourism brand fits with the country and it witnesses greater marketing and promotion to the country’s diversified endowments,” he added.
Being the leading from Africa with UNSECO inscribed tangible and intangible heritages, the nation has not yet gained more from the tourism industry, according to him.
Currently, the organization is undertaking various measures in promoting the nation’s ancient civilization footprints and developing new tourists’ destinations across the country.
Getnet underlined that as part of promoting the new brand, the organization has been participating in international trade fairs, providing training to State Tourism Bureau Heads and sector practitioners on Ethiopian tourism marketing and branding strategy
Accordingly, the nation has set to boost its tourism revenue to cover a tangible share to its GDP and utilizing more from its longstanding and huge natural and human-made tourists’ destinations.
To this end, the National Tourism Transformation Council (NTTC), tourism board and the Ethiopian Tourism Organization (ETO) have been established and have become functional. Marketing and promotional activities have been widely carried out to enable both domestic and foreign tourists visit the country’s tourist attraction areas. In order to improve service delivery related to tourism, supervision and certification activities have been undertaken as per the plan and this has helped improve service provision. Criteria have been developed to establish rankings for hotels across the country and accordingly 206 hotels have been graded in Addis Ababa and Oromia State. It was planned to increase the number of tourists to more than a million.
And the tourism sector has contributed enormously to foreign currency generation and employment creation.


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. Promises to break deadlock between Ethiopia, Eritrea

Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed


ADDIS ABABA – The new Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed has vowed  to bring  economic, social and political  transformations by restoring the country's past glory and spurring rgional integration. He also remarked  his selection process to assume the premiership  has showcased  a  peaceful transition of power  in Ethiopia,  which could serve  as  a benchmark  for the continent.   
Having sworn in  as a Prime Minister  yesterday, the  Premier  reiterated  that his government would  do every thing in its capacity  to   bring tangible  changes  on  education, economy, democratic and human rights, youth and women benefciary among others.
In relation to the foreign policy, he vehemently stated that the deadlock between Ethiopia and Eritrean   need to be broken  taking into accounts  the historic and the blood ties of both countries' people and  the ever changing as well as volatile  political situations in the Horn  of Africa.
He also noted  Ethiopia  as  the origin  of Pan-Africanism, the headquarters of  African Union and several international organizations,  will  continue  to  play  its    irreplaceable   role   in
upholding  peace and stability as well as realizing sustainable development in the East Africa particular and the continent in general.
In  his speech, the premier  also expressed  his readiness  to  work with all political parties living inside and outside of the country. Moreover ,he urged the  members of Ethiopian Diaspora community  to extend unreserved support to the ongoing political change and development in the homeland.
Regarding to strengthening the education policy of the country,  Dr. Abiy indicated  the government would work  on  improving  quality of education from elementary to tertiary levels     after evaluating the sector's accomplishment in the Second Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP II).
He also pledged to narrow down  the existing wide gap between  import and export trade in the country. “The government will play its due role in stabilizing the current  high cost of living  triggered  by  the political instability, devaluation of Birr and the like.”

New prime minister Dr. Abiy and Ex-Prime minister Hailemariam in the office of Prime Minister.

Likewise, the new prime minister  promised  to improve the beneficiary of youth and women. “The government will exert relentless efforts in bringing meaningful changes in the lives of    youth through ensuring  fairness  and mutual benefits to this end. The youth also need to toil  in  turning the efforts to reality.”
Similarly, the government would put in to action efforts that expedite  the process on  meeting  women's interests in all spheres, he noted.
Aimed at widening the political landscape, the premier said: “As an important part of democratic building endeavor, from now and on  we should perceive the political parties not as opposition, but as competitors.”
On the occasion, he called on  all Ethiopians  to  repeat  the success story in  building Grand  Ethiopian Renaissance  Dam (GERD) in other development spheres working in unison than never before.
He also pledged to  actively participate all fellow citizens in the political and economic affairs of the country in a democratic  manner.
“Citizens' right of movement and accumulating wealth need to be respected. I also call on the people  to be active and vibrant participant  in  the realization of the  GTP II .”


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Tuesday, 03 April 2018 16:32

GERD for holistic dev't

In coincidence with the 7th anniversary of the commencement of the construction of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD, the newly elected chairperson of Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), Dr. Abiy Ahmed was sworn in as Prime Minister in the presence of former premier Hailemariam Dessalgne, MPs, senior government officials and military officers as well as the diplomatic corps.
During the 7th anniversary of the commencement celebration at Guba, Benshagul-Gumze State, it was also noted that over 65 percent of work on GERD has finished and fellow citizens from all walks of life have so far pledged to buy bonds worth over 12 billion Birr, of which over ten billion Birr has been collected. Plus, members of Ethiopia diaspora community have so far bought worth of 1.3 billion Birr bonds. By the same token, GERD Trophy has managed to collect over 1.3 billion Birr touring all over the country.
Moreover, regardless of political view, economic status, sex and age, Ethiopians have once again renewed their commitments to finalize the construction of this largest dam in Africa.
Without any doubts, the general public would continue to give unreserved support for GERD and so the dam would be a reality very soon.
For sure, upon the completion of the GERD, Ethiopia would be a hub of renewable electric power in Africa. This is because, the nation's power generating capacity would be over 10,000 Mega Watts.
No one denies the fact that GERD has boosted the can -do- spirit of Ethiopia more than ever. That is why from all corners of the country every fellow citizen is proudly saying: “We are the only ones who determine the future of our beloved nation.”
In fact, GERD has vanquished the wrong widely held views of some irresponsible Egyptian politicians who used to say 'Taking drip of water from the Nile waters by any Nile Basin countries is tantamount to a declaration of war against Egypt.'
Apart from threatening riparian countries using the aforesaid statement, these individuals had left no stone unturned in making legitimate the unfair and outdated colonial treaties over the Nile River and blocking Ethiopia from securing international loans in a bid to build GERD.
Apparently, GERD has also been playing a big role in strengthening regional integration. Respecting international laws, Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan have been working together to beneficially use the Nile waters. These three countries are now striving to make the Nile River base of mutual growth and development.
Locally, GERD has created strong national consensus among Ethiopians. Presently, all Ethiopians living inside and abroad are doing every thing in their capacity to see the completion of this most anticipated project in a very near future.
Right now, over ten thousands Ethiopian workers are sweating blood as the construction of GERD is being carried out round the clock. Thanks to these hard working fellow citizens, GERD is well under way and the nation undoubtedly will soon realize its renaissance.
To make poverty a past history, such grand project is crucial as it hastens the ongoing efforts of nation to replace agriculture led-economy by industry one in the shortest time possible.
In sum, yesterday's peaceful transition of power and GERD have proved once again to the world that Ethiopia is the land of can do people. Sooner or later, Ethiopia will definitely reclaim its can-do-spirit with economy. Ethiopia will regain its past glorious times by defeating poverty through hard work and viable economic policy. Fighting any odds, it will also remain to be an oasis of peace and security.
Truly, the colourful marking of the 7th anniversary of the launch of the construction of GERD, clearly indicates that realization of Ethiopian Renaissance is getting nearer and nearer than ever before. Hence, having fully fulfilled the required responsibilities, the current generation has to leave his/her fingerprints on GERD.

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The Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) has elected Dr. Abiy Ahmed as the fourth Prime Minister of Ethiopia. EPRDF’s decision to bring Dr. Abiy to the front has been considered to be the right step among the wider public. Some political analysts agreed the decision signifies the political maturity of the party. 

The EPRDF itself states that the procedure in which Abiy has come to power is the best indication of the growing of democracy in Ethiopia. “The election was very democratic, transparent and effective where all the members cast their votes confidently,” EPRDF’s Secretary Shiferaw Shegute said.
The new Prime Minister owns essential leadership qualities that enabled the EPRDF council to develop trust in him so that he can effectively lead in the highest office of the nation. The council confidently said that process of election was carefully carried out according to the party’s disciplines and norms that can ensure sustainable peace and stability.

Among the several qualities he possessed, the effective and efficient leadership he has been demonstrating in different positions he served take the lion’s share. Almost all the offices he served, he became change agent. Moreover, he has relatively adequate preparations for such demanding position. He has cultivated a pattern of behavior that encourages continuous learning. His public speeches reveal his well disciplined reading habit. His academic background tells us that he is a continuous learner. Above all, Dr. Abiy, holding patriotic views and absolute commitment in serving his people, won the trust of the nation.
Even though there are tough tasks ahead of him, Dr. Abiy is a charismatic leader who can restore the broken public trust in the last few years. In short, he has leadership qualities the current circumstances of the nation demand.

Former Prime Minister Hailemariam Dassalegn whose decision has been viewed as a conscious and proper determination to support the development in the nation has played great role in laying foundation for the peaceful transition of power. He has also considerable in leading the deep reform in order reduce public grievances. For instance, he reshuffled his cabinet members a year before and ensured considerable stability nationwide.
Furthermore, the decision would help the leader to finish strong. It seems, in view of all the prevailing situation, that it is wise to step down from this highly demanding role before his weakening leadership competencies and jeopardize the amazing development the nation has been pursuing. Moreover, since the nature of the responsibility is very demanding and challenging, it is a conscious decision of the leader for deciding to transfer power peacefully so that another leader with fresh insights can have the chance to lead.

In short, what this prudent leader has done requires absolute determination to be free from the love of power and to have well developed sense of stewardship. He has precisely demonstrated the feature of his government, democratic developmental state. His decision encourages reconciliation that crosses distances, overcomes hostility, melts indifferences, and cultivates sustainable peace. His nation and Africans are proud of his glorious decision.
Soon after the transfer of power, the leaders were approached by the national television where they expressed their togetherness for the higher of their nation.
Hailemariam said, “I am feeling honoured for initiating peaceful transition of power. I believe I have discharged my responsibilities efficiently during my stay at office. I have served my nation with absolute commitment in the last six years. I introduced several reforms and led the ones introduced by the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. As a result, I saw considerable fruits in my leadership. Now I have come to a position where I would transfer power to another capable leader with much glad.

“I am certain that this has paved new chapter for our nation and Africa in order to support the development of democracy. Just as I decided to be part of the solution in the ongoing reform through encouraging peaceful transition of power, I would also to support the vision of new Prime Minister in any possible way whenever necessary. I know the costs of serving at the highest office of the nation. Its challenges can only be recognized by individuals who passed through. It needs utmost price.”

For his part, Dr. Abiy also said, “I am very glad to see the peaceful transfer of power. I also honor the decision of his Excellency Hailemariam Desalegn to initiate the peaceful transition to support the inteded development and democracy. I also work to sustain the activities that he has already began. He has been working day and night for the betterment of our nation. I am not laying new foundation; but I going to built on what has already been founded by Hailemariam.
“Moreover, I appreciate the legacy of great leader Meles Zenawi; he led effectively and finished very successfully. The way he led the party and established lasting foundation for the Ethiopian Renaissance inspires me.”

In short, Ethiopia is becoming a nation that can be a model for the African countries in cultivating democracy. The EPRDF leadership has brought the nation where peaceful power transition prevails. The continuity of the legacies of leaders is evident. The first leader lays proper foundation on which the next one builds. Such connection sustains the intended development. For instance, both leaders, the outgoing prime minister and incoming one, have recognized the legacy of the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. It is evident that the new prime minister, based on the laid foundation, will be transforming the nation through excelling in leadership.




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ADDIS ABABA— Metahara Sugar factory's renovation works on damages caused by thunderstorm has reached a completion of 90 percent, Ethiopian Sugar Corporation disclosed.

The Corporation Communication Directorate Director Gashu Ayichiluhum told The Ethiopian Herald that the factory's roof structure had been partly destroyed by the incident and the factory has been carrying out renovation activities since then.
“Despite the damages inflicted on the factory, it has gone operational for last three months due joint efforts of the government and stakeholders producing over 380,000 quintals of sugar.”
As to him, the factory has been engaging in transferring technology and developing human skills apart the refurbishment efforts .
It was learnt that the renovation works are being done by India based Tessy Engineers and Enterprises .The Corporation has allotted 16 million Birr to restore the factory. The consultancy work had been executed by Ethiopian Construction and Design Supervision Corporation.
Metahara Sugar Factory is stationed in the Oromia State, about 200 kilometers from Addis Ababa ,has the capacity to produce 136,000 tons of sugar annually, representing an estimated 20 percent of nation sugar consumption. The Factor was established in 1962.



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