Centuries old ties is beyond temporary bills

14 Apr 2018

Ethiopia and US relations has passed through various ups and downs during the last century and reached this level. It will continue to an ever-stronger level with the sole interest of the people and good will from both sides.
The recent passing of HR 128 by the US congress has raised varying views among people. Those who wish to use the western governments and institutions for their ill intents are considering it a great success to assault the government of Ethiopia. On the other side the government of Ethiopia viewed the steps as lacking considerations to the real ties between the two countries as well as the progresses that the country is making in terms of ensuring justice and democratic system.
The good thing is the bill is non-binding resolution and has yet to be endorsed by the senate to be material. For example the Ethiopia Democracy and Accountability Act of 2007 (HR 2003) which was highly anticipated by the extremists diaspora to strike the government of Ethiopia ended up without being endorsed thanks to the strong diplomatic relations between the two countries and peoples.
Even after HR 2003 Ethiopia and United States have worked closely in various fields including building democratic system and counter terrorism. Ever since Ethiopia started journey in building democratic system it has shown a lot of progress and has currently attained a remarkable level in various instances.
The government and people of Ethiopia have also witnessed an unprecedented practice of peaceful power transition, which is highly acclaimed by the vast majority of the people across the nation. The people are also by now highly aware of the values and principles of democracy and their commitment towards it.
The leadership have also developed a sense of tuning themselves and responding to the genuine desire of the people. This has been expressed through the manner they handled the unrest the flared up in parts of the nation during the last couple of years.
The path travelled during the last 27 years as well as the various incidents and ups and downs have drawn lesson to the people and government of Ethiopia. The lesson they derived includes what it takes them to properly practice their democratic system and what support they need and from whom.
This is not to under estimate the will and motive of the United States government and people to cooperate in ensuring justice, democratic system and development in Ethiopia. Such good causes of friendship are always welcome by the Ethiopian people. It should also be noted that the Ethiopian people also have their own long-standing civilization and sovereignty and have a right to make decision on issues that fit their genuine interest.
Therefore it is always important to remember that the strong ties the two peoples established is not going to be affected by frictions that could be created over night and the fate of HR 128 is not going to be any different from its predecessor.

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