Swift justice through latest technologies

15 May 2018

The Federal Supreme Court (FSC) has been introducing various modern technologies across the Federal and the State courts for many years . For example, the four- year- long multi-functional call center and a decade old e-filing are among the high tech technologies of FSC.
Thanks to the e-filing ,the task has been made easy and simple. It has also reduced the transportation cost, energy and time of the applicants to open file coming to Addis Ababa. Moreover, applicants can now follow up their case being within reasonable proximity from their families and workplaces. More importantly, there would not be a single chance of misplacing of files.
In fact, the multi-functional call center would enable litigants to easily access timely information regarding their cases and the services of the court as well.
Apart from giving immediate response to inquiries made by fellow citizens through toll-free call relating any sorts of legal procedures and activities of the court, the call center provides good enough information about juvenile offenders.
Since some years back, FSC has begun to conduct court proceedings via video conference system as a result the accessibility of the court has increased. For instance, the proceedings of over tens of thousands of lawsuits were conducted via video conference over the last decade.
Besides, the latest court recording and transcription system said to have saved time of judges, reduced dependency upon stenographic ,expedited the whole process of judgment writing ,among others.
Therefore, the aforementioned advantages of the introduced technologies have been playing enormous roles in ensuring transparency in the judicial system apart from showing tremendous increase lawsuits which get final decision compared to that of last few years .
According to the latest available information and report of federal courts and judicial administration, the lingering shortage of federal court rooms, failure to give housing and transportation services to federal judges and the existing high turnover of professionals have been creating obstacles in the overall activities of the federal courts.
The shortage of federal court rooms has forced judges to work on shift and exposed litigants to unnecessary transport expenditures and waste of time as well. On the top of this, it has created pendency of cases. Hence, the pertinent body should begin the construction of many more court rooms to ease the setbacks in this regard as soon as possible.
The need for housing and transportation facilities to federal judges has been one of the burning issues in the judiciary organ for many years. That is why , in 2011 ,the government decided to construct a housing complex for federal judges and nominated a standing committee that consists members of Parliament who looks after the successful completion of the building.
Regarding to the existing high turnover of professionals, the court and the pertinent body should find out the underline causes that make workers to leave their jobs in order to give everlasting solution for such serious hindrance.
Indeed, FSC has been disseminating information about its major undertakings using various media outlets but, it needs to be further strengthen in order to convey timely and educational messages for the general public using intensively latest technologies than before.
The court need to be acclaimed in its efforts to have a number of world class juvenile courts across the nation as many of these courts have been equipped with latest CCTV cameras and sound recording machines.
In general, making use of latest technologies aiming at ensuring transparent judicial system and providing best services to litigants should further be strengthened. In addition, the aforementioned challenges should be overcome applying various problem solving mechanisms and strategies.




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