Ethiopian defence force: A show-case of Ethiopian diversity

17 Jun 2017

Part I

Built on firm foundation, trusted by the public at large, loyal to the Constitution and the constitutional order, the Ethiopian Defence Force is the pride of our people and our nation. The services our Defence Force renders to our people, to our nation and indeed to our region and the world at large goes without saying. Our Defence Force represents Nations, Nationalities and Peoples of our Nation. It is a symbol and identity of Ethiopian Nations, Nationalities and Peoples. Our Defence Force has an impeccable track record and reputation of defending the nation and rendering developmental services to the public at large. Generally, the making, the history, characteristics and achievement of our Defence Force is quite unique. The Ethiopian Defence Force is made of all Nations, Nationalities and Peoples of Ethiopia; therefore, it represents Ethiopia’s Nations, Nationalities and Peoples, it emanates from them and is their reflection and representation. Further, our Defence Force is also a reflection of its core mission which is “To enhance peace and security through deterrence and diplomacy and should these fail, to ensure a swift and decisive victory over the aggressor”.

Currently, the Ethiopian Defence Force dispatches thousands peacekeeping missions under the auspices of the United Nations (UN) peacekeeping mission in order to secure peace and stability in countries with difficulties and that makes the Ethiopian Defence Force the number one UN peacekeeping mission in the world.

Our Defence Force is also unique not only because of the activities it deals with here at home, but also with those activities that deals abroad mainly within the countries of our African brothers and sisters as well. Our Defence Force has an impeccable reputation for humanity, neutrality, commitment, heroism both at home and abroad. These unique characters of our heroic Defence Force are demonstrated time and again in many African countries; Rwanda, Burundi, Cote d'Ivoire, Liberia, Sudan, South Sudan and Somalia among others with utmost discipline and unparalleled heroism. Our heroic Defence Force still maintains an excellent reputation on those characters by those respective governments but most importantly by the people of those countries not only as a United Nations peacekeeping mission but most importantly for caring, for neutrality and for humanity. For that, our Defence Force has been decorated with various international medals and was awarded with high level recognitions and acknowledgements from those countries and from the United Nations for the excellent services it rendered to those governments and peoples.

In any Defence Institution, soldiers and officers are merited according to their services and braveries. For that, they can be bedecked with higher ranks, awards, medals etc. In any Defence institutions, service to their institution, loyalty to the Constitution and the constitutional order, service to the nation and the public at large is not only important but indeed indispensable. It takes courage, commitment, perseverance and higher degree of moral as well as ethical standards to become a higher ranking officer in the Ethiopian Defence Force. Every rank and file within the Ethiopian Defence Institution is thoroughly and impeccably monitored, evaluated and assessed before one gets to the higher level, and in that way, depending on the required merit and service rendered one is promoted to the higher level and that takes many years to get to the top level.

Since army service and army evaluation quite varies from almost all others, the competition to the top level is very tough. As a result, it is quite difficult to get replacements to such type of highly skilled, tested by fire and courageous army leaders in few years. In fact, it is often difficult to get their replacement for years given their extensive track record, experience, knowledge, professional skill and leadership qualities. The evaluation and development mechanism of our Defence Force is quite remarkable.

The history of the Ethiopian Defence Force track record with regards to courage, commitment and love for the motherland is simply outstanding. The Ethiopian Defence Force also possesses a remarkable track record in the international and UN peacekeeping mission as well.

Whereas the Ethiopian people who both live in the country as well as abroad are well aware of the significant role that our Defence Force plays and the fact it holds deep respect and appreciation.

As a means to fulfil their covert and destructive agendas there were attempts by few internal and external enemies and self centred anti-peace and anti-development elements to defame, disrupt, disregard and if possible, to dismantle our Defence Force.

They have more often than not been commenting and finger pointing on the structure and organizational framework of our Defence Force and indeed on our security institution as well. They even go as low as proposing dismantling and if possible replacing this highly respected, highly regarded and well equipped, well organized and with an implacable track record institutions with their own mediocre, not experienced, low level land picked yes men that they can play around.

The main factor behind their agenda is that they need to destroy the constitution and constitutional order. They have a vision to disrupt our peace and stability, weaken the nation by destroying our very able institutions thereby, they want to grasp power by any means including, through violence. They want to replace our tested by fire, courageous, hard working, peace loving and dedicated men and women serving our nation and our people with mediocre, not tested and with no background track record in terms of the required knowledge skill and profession. A kebele leader or a parliament member and even a political appointee can’t be a full-fledged corporal let alone Colonel or a full-fledged General in the Ethiopian Defence Force. The whole issue is but a cover up to advance their hidden agenda i.e. to confuse the public at large under the cover of ethnicity excuses, an agenda they have been preaching for years.

They are trying their best to spread hatred and poison the mind of innocent people for many years because they knew that they cannot fulfil their anti-Ethiopian menacing agendas as long as our Defence Force continues to perform its national responsibility with courage, commitment and determination: which in fact that has been its trade mark. As a result, these enemies of our nation continue to do their usual unholy work because they hope and want to create a vacuum and infiltration within this credible institution and wishing to finally create destruction through anarchy and lawlessness within our nation. They are importing and preaching propaganda terror to create bloodshed between brothers and sisters within our nation while they live very comfortably in North America and Europe and sending their children to schools of their choice there. On the other hand, they want our children to die for them while they and their children enjoy comfortable life there. What a bizarre idea! What a wishful thinking! In their wishful thinking, they think they can grasp power by poisoning the new generation with their false propaganda using variety media outlets such as ESAT.



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