Yun Mo Ahn's Become a Butterfly: Art Gallery in Addis Ababa

03 Dec 2017


Yun Mo Ahn: South Korean Artist in a Butterfly Tour project


YUN-MO HAN is a South Korean Artist who flew to Ethiopia last week to showcase an art gallery under the theme 'Become a Butterfly.'

The gallery aimed at raising the global community's awareness on Autism, which is a global health concern that begs for joint intervention.

Dropping in for the show was a spectacular moment attended by many autistic students and guests of honor. It was held at Addis Fine Art around Bole, where lots of butterfly paper crafts having motley colors were posted on a clean, beautiful and white wall. Amazing and eye-catching artistic pieces were displayed here and there..

Mentioning his world-tour project, Artist YUN-MO HAN said that he first met friends with Autism some seven years back. “ Even if often they are unable to communicate well using verbal languages,it is a delight to feast one's eyes on their mesmeric works.. He further noted “ Though they do not give vent to their feelings with words they could express their thoughts through visual art. ”

Following this experience the idea of organizing picture tours crisscrossing the world took shape in his mind. preferring Ethiopia as the first nation in Africa's tour plans. He affirmed that “I really want to come back again to Ethiopia and organize an art gallery in the future as I am pleased by what I see in the nation. The nation has really climbed rungs of development more than I expected.”

“Autism is not only for Koreans but also a matter of human kind that goes beyond differences in language, ethnicity or skin color,” he explained adding “We decided to go one more step closer to the world in order to meet more and different people.”

The artist further noted that this World-Tour project served the first flutter of the butterfly effect and it is a good opportunity to realize love for humanity, an utmost goal for mankind as we go to every corner of the global world with a long term plan and meet many children with developmental disorder with thousands and tens of thousands of beautiful butterfly illustrations.

During the occasion Ethiopian National Association on Intellectual Disability Deputy Board President Mihret Nigusse, said that the program is organized for children and youths with autism and developmental disorder with the aim of expressing the message that these parts of the society can fly like a butterfly in every corner and sector if they are included in all development packages.

As children that fall in this group have talents they have messages that they want to convey. She further said “Such a program was held at Brussels for the first time and this is Africa's pilot project of the artist YUN-MO HAN.”

Ethiopian National Association on Intellectual Disability Acting Direct Yeshewaget Kibret said on her part that the program that harnesses art is aimed at displaying the talents and creativity of people with intellectual disability and autism .

The tour program accommodates children and youths across the world and creating communication about intellectual disability and autism and give the required support to them and create opportunities that will facilitate their participation at all levels. She stressed “Every body is responsible to give support to these children as this is a global concern.”

It was in joint collaboration with the Ethiopian National Association on Disability, Nehemia Autism Center, Korea Disability Arts and Culture center, MCST and Global Citizenship Forum organized the event.





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