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10 Mar 2018
Meseret Belete Meseret Belete

Vocalist Meseret Belete was born and raised in Merabete Woreda, Alem Ketema. After that, she came to Addis Ababa with her parents and kick started attending school at Balcha Aba Nefso School found in Lideta. 

Later, when her parents returned back home, she attended school up to grade ten in her birthplace, while grades eleven and twelve in Harare.
From time to time, she was dreaming of becoming a famous sportsperson. She was thinking of making her dream become a reality over and over again despite she did not have a wee-drop of idea what the future holds in store for her.
Mesert’s mother was a housewife while her dad a carpenter. Meseret’s mother used to fondly take care of her children time and again.
Her dad participated in building more than eighty churches excluding residential houses.
While a child, Meseret had collected fireworks. She had partaken in herding, collecting cow dung and so forth in her birthplace. Above and beyond, she was crazy about tuening to Saturday’s and Sunday’s radio programs. She was in the habit of singing a range of songs whenever she got herself involved in a certain task.
As a child, vocalist Meseret was known for acrobatic gymnastics apart from her melodic voice. She had herself involved in acrobatic gymnastic representing her birthplace which was held in Zeway. At that point, she bumped into something she did not imagine would come to pass in her lifetime. The thing was, in the sports festival, vocalist Hirut Bekele and her contemporaries were invited with the intention of giving color to the festival.
When Vocalist Meseret saw the vocalists performing on stage a delighting feeling she could not express in words began coming in and out of her mind. She was inspired by Hirut’s performance as well as the melodic voice though she did not know how to make her dream come true and win the hearts and minds of the general public through her works.
“That moment was a turning point in my life,” said vocalist Meseret.
Back home, vocalist Meseret jump-started popping up in a range of clubs entertaining different artistic activities. She was in the habit of partaking in basketball, football and acrobat sports now and then.
“I used to listen to vocalist Hirut and Tilahun’s songs every so often. I was crazy about their songs. There was nothing which made me feel on top of the world than listening to their songs .
Also, when on earth I sang songs, most people were forwarding their respect and appreciation. Everybody tipped me for my voice,” said Vocalist Meseret.
One fine day, vocalist Mesert heard that Harare Ezi was hunting for vocalists. This time, she headed straight there without informing her parents the whereabouts of her. In fact, they were three in number at that moment. As luck would have it, she passed the entrance exam and started working at Harare Ezi taking the examiners by surprise for her outshining performance. She was not afraid of anyone at that moment.
At that point in time, Assefu Debelke’s Yeshimebet Dubale’s and FikerAddis Neqatibeb’s songs were popular. They were all blockbusters.
Vocalist Mesert did not imagine that she would prove herself to be a popular vocalist shortly. All her efforts began bearing fruits when she joined Misrak Ezi. As her dad was a priest, she turned out to be the talk of most people following her decision to join Misrak Ezi. A lot had been said considering her decision and her dad’s reaction. In fact, her dad’s reaction was different from what others said. He was not that furious. “What can I say, if God has made singing to be her bread and butter,” said Meseret’s dad.
According to Meseret, music is a beloved profession. Above and beyond, it is life and gift. “I am leading a good life because of music. At the present time, my dad is advising me in to releasing hymns of praise almost immediately for what God has done for me,” she says.
As a child, Meseret was in the habit of competing with her age mates. She was in the habit of penning down different lyric songs in her exercise books every so often revolving around various issues. She was one of the outstanding students at that point.
There was a time in which Meseret was practicing a song on the pretext of studying her lessons. When she was caught singing songs once, her parents grew to be very angry for the reason that they could not control their vexation for her disobedience.
Vocalist Meseret could not figure out her talent until she released her first album entitled Gum Gum. But following the release of this album, she turned out to be the talk of the general public. Her first works did not take much time to win the hearts and minds of the general public in a short time. She never thought she would be successful at the outset.
Vocalist Meseret once presented on TV the song entitled Gum Gum. The song grabbed the attention of the public. She became famous in no time. She did not expect that she would end up being successful after a short time. She started taking a bath in a shower of appreciations, some in person and some via phone calls.
Hence, music shop owners embarked on talking to her in person regarding the way how they would release her works. In due course, she did a full album. For her, all works are impossible to tell apart. She feels affection for all of them with all her heart.
“I do not want to live aboard distancing myself from my people. I would like to entertain my fans here. My fans are the secret behind my success. In reality, in addition to making a living there, I can partake in different concerts abroad as I have got a lot of fans there too, ” said Meseret.
Previously, Vocalist Meseret had worked in nightclubs for three years. I had worked in three places. She was working with Habtemicheal, Ababa Tesfaye and with other artistes from Maklawi Ezi. At this time, she had given up working in nightclubs.
She is married. She is a mother of three — two daughters and a son at this point in time. She feels affection for all her children. Her husband runs his own business at this point in time.
She thought it difficult to play with Kebero and Masinko. Slowly but surely, trying her hands on traditional instruments, she began mastering the instruments at night clubs.
“Had I taken physical exercises, I would not have remained being overweight right now. When I was in Harare and Misrak Ezi I was partaking in various sports activities. I was displaying an amazing gymnastic performance at that point. However, because of the will of God, I turned out to be a vocalist.
I and Tibebu Workye had performed a wedding song.
Now, I have got different works. I am due to present my works to the public. Regarding patent right, I do not know how to reach the general public with my works. There are various copy right infringement mechanisms. Reportedly, some vocalists had lost their properties out of labor of love for somewhat expecting that they would get profit. Most professionals’ efforts have become naught.
“In the past, we were in the habit of reaching our works to the general public through cassettes. But at the moment, we are missing the intended target as a consequence of the emergence of flash disks. Cassette was the best means to reach out our fans with our works in the past. Everybody could recognize our talent with no trouble. Lists of songs were written based on their alphabetical orders. Thus, our fans’ could easily understand the sequential flow of the songs,” she added.
The cassette system gave credit for everyone who partook in each and every song. The vocalists’ pictures were clearly seen. Even those who could not read and write were in the habit of identifying singers without difficulty. Whenever I went to the countryside, I found shepherds cramming all my songs’ lyrics.
After the flash disc was introduced in our country lot of things have been missing the intended target concerning our profession. The vocalist is stripped of ownership. Anybody can revoke the vocalist’s name and transfer it to other individuals. Even worse, anybody can upload on the internet the sweat of a vocalist easily before s/he reach to his/her fans properly,” she wrapped up.



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