Repeating heroic journey

12 Mar 2017

Soon after  Menilik II  declared war, Ethiopian patriots from  the four corners of the country, had trekked for three months to write a new history at the battleground of Adowa against a colonial power.  One hundred twenty one years  later, a group of youngsters  had also  flocked to this historical  place of a showdown, this time not just to fight but to pay tribute to the hero and heroins of Ethiopian patriots.

Filled with their forefathers' determination and love of their country, eight youngsters made a 46 day-long  travel to Adwa on foot. Abeba Bekele  from  Addis Ababa was part of the group

Before the beginning of the voyage, Abeba  used to know little about Adwa. Throughout the journey, all  group members were  discussing what they know about the battlefield and reading  books written on the battle by various authors.

Besides, they were  also  taking a snapshot of places that are directly or indirectly related to the war. From Agolela, the birth place of emperor Menllik and Fitawrari Gebeyehu, the major role players in the victory of Adwa, to Eyesus Church at Makalle, and what have you.

This journey not just afforded Abeba a glimpse to the history but also acquainted  her with the nifty-gritty of this historic triumph.

After tiresome but astonishing travel, the group was  finally met with cheering crowds at Adwa, a place where a major battle had taken place. The group graced the 121 celebration of the Adwa victory.  

Invited to address the crowd this year's journey coordinator Yared Shumete noted that his group  had  passed through various up and downs to culminate their travel with success.  However, inspired by the  patience and gallant  feat of their forefathers, they had reached their final destination after  a 46-day trek.

Ethiopia has maintained its sovereignty through the  determination   of  people organized under its strong and sagacious leaders. For him Emperor Menelik II and Empress Taitu played a leading role in the  victory of Adwa as commanders and warriors. 

Reflecting his emotion another traveler, Yared Eshetul said  for  him, the victory of Adwa is the emblem of liberty which is hanged on the mountain of world history to preach about equality.

What makes the victory the most astonishing is it took place between a well trained and disciplined European power and and ill-equipped but determined Ethiopian soldiers. No one had expected the triumph to  go to Ethiopians. He admires the Ethiopian warlords such as Likemekuas Abate Buayalew, Basha Awalom an Balcha Abanefso, among others. These individuals were gear changers in the war via their  undercover spay role and  defense of  the Italian artillery with their old weapons.

“ Traveling 46 days  on foot is the least we can do to commemorate this  glimmering historical victory.” The travel was very influential in drawing mass  followers. It also adds-up to the government's effort to celebrate the victory nationwide colorfully. According to Yared the participation of the government in the celebration of the victory would help to promote the day across the country and it would help again to  solidify Ethiopian  unity as the previous times.

Another traveler, Dawit Zebhere  was  nicknamed as Gebregiorgis on the journey named after  the great Ethiopian son who drove the Italian out of their  fortress during the war.

He noted that the journey was not that much tiresome as the expected. In fact  traveling through  mountainous road under a scorching sun of the day proved hard. “In any case, the warm  welcome that we had received  at every destination was very interesting.” Since the victory is the triumph of all blacks, therefore, it behooves each of us to get inspired for warm celebration of the day beyond national level.  This year's Adowa celebration which took place at Adwa was very impressive. And it was observed by numerous peoples, society lions and higher government officials.



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