Ethiopia film industry at infant stage

01 Oct 2017

Visual effects in world film industry


The westerners are still in position of veto power and prove core players by the virtue of having rhetoric ability through means of motion pictures, visual arts and artistic features. Observably, the westerners, especially, the well-advanced ones, have been controlling the political atmosphere as these nations have imminent capabilities in the Film Industry and literary skills. Obviously, the aforementioned people have enrolled the global politics in a way exerting maximum effort for the development of literary arts. The arts including film industry and publishing productions.

These nations are considered as world power entities because of having influential role through both written and visual artistic elements in order to shape the global mindset so as to achieve the goals and political interests of powerful nations. Historians have also recorded how the westerns have scaled up the platform of civilization and prosperity.

According to the historians, the art industries have undeniable effect for multi-faceted development. Mostly, the given nations have been sifting, producing and disseminating artistic elements throughout the globe. As a result, the advanced nations have given due attention for enhancement of the film industry.

The artistic elements serve as vehicles to monopolize the world market, dominate political scenarios,wield social influences and bring spontaneous paradigm shifts. Giant film and publishing industries have been confiscated in the hand of the nations. These countries have climbed in the ladder of veto power; historically, they had played overwhelming role in terms of propagating the world to revolve around in the interest of the well- grounded and founded societies.

There is a claim that such nations used the artistic elements as spur to colonization, neo-colonization and polarization. For instance, Nazis regime conquered most of western countries, Africa and Asia states in such a way agitating the antagonized societies to be enemies of own states through transmitting rhetoric speeches, propaganda messages and unreliable information through visual effects and traditional mainstream media.

Currently, especially, Hollywood and Bollywood are best instances in controlling the film and publishing industries across the globe. The hollywood film story-telling trends have reminded in the mind set of the global citizen. Hollywood has been so called the millstone for US civilization and world politics.

And it plays as inevitable impact to handle the international power zone easily. Moreover, the Hollywood has generated great deals of revenue from the visual products which customize the world market. And it has persuasive role in imposing the US policy in the entire world in such a way that distributing visual and literary arts.

The Bollywood has also gone forward in the stage of world film competition. In contrary to the Hollywood, the Bollywood has been presenting the spot stories based on passionate infotainments story telling. As a matter of fact, it has also its own drawbacks in producing literary arts using visual effects.

In this regard, on behalf of China Embassy in Ethiopia, the China Film Group Corporation has presented film exhibition here in Addis this month. The Cooperation is one of the pilot units in China’s structural reform of cultural enterprise. It is established within the former China Motion Picture, Bejing Film and Children Film Studios as well as China Film Co-Production, China Film Equipment Corporations and Satellite Channel Programming Center, Beijing Film Developing and Video Technology, Huayun Film and Video Factories.

CFGC holds 93 percent shares of China film and has been engaged in policy-based and public welfare businesses including, import of foreign films and approval of project films by joint ventures as well as release and projection of films in rural areas.

The corporation has selected six films for the Ethiopian audiences which show improvement of the Chinese film production and cinematic techniques. The film entitled the Ghouls, My Lucky Star, Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, the Taking of Tiger Mountain, Monkey King: Hero is Back and Who Am I?.

Charge D’affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia, Liu Tao said film serves as a unique window that shows the world a given country’s culture and developmental achievements. The films will demonstrate to the audiences with a fresh and depth understanding of the China history, the development, progress and the mindset of Chinese people.

According to the opening ceremony report, through the film exhibition, the local audiences will learn more about Chinese traditional cultures, modern society and Chinese people’s inner lives. Liu Tao stated that the six well-selected films are expected to play irreplaceable and active roles in strengthening dialogues among different countries, nations and cultures.

The paper remarked that under the framework of the belt and road initiatives, China and Africa have made all-round and mutual cooperation in many fields, such as humanities and art. And joint efforts will be made with Africa for the promotion of the development and diversity of global films.

To sum up, here is one of the six films entitled Who Am I? The film is all about three scientists who found a kind of mysteries and precious sediment in the soil of African continent, never seen before. These scientists formed a special operation group by CIA and composed of 11 special forces drawn from specific countries. However, a traitor in the group wanted to take the possession of the marvel gemstone.

Hence, the traitor ordered the pilot responsible for reception to create an air crash to murder others and disguise the guilt of himself in despoiling the given element. Except the Jack, all other members of the group passed away. He was saved by a local resident but lost memory due to the violent collision in the air crash. In order to find out himself, jack went back to New York.





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