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Bahir Dar: A great, unique tourist destination

Ethiopia is endowed with exotic natural and man-made historical attractions, which are bases for vibrant tourism industry. Bahir Dar, the capital city of Amhara State, is among cities and towns possess great and unique tourist resources. It is a city with attractive natural beauties and bounties and historical sites. Truly, it is a place of wonder and enchantment, surrounded by rich natural and man-made tourist sites.

Bahir Dar is also characterized as a home of deeply religious people. There are various religious heritages in and around Bahir Dar which have magnified the city. The indigenous Christian heritages that have passed from one generation to another found in the city and on different Monasteries of Lake Tana, and are tourist paradises.

The City earned 202 million birr revenue from tourism only this year, Addis Zemen, Daily Amharic reported on its 30th January 2013 edition. The amount is obtained from over 77 thousand tourists from all over the world visited different tourism destinations in and around Bahir Dar. The local tourists visiting Bahir Dar is also increasing. As the City was the host of the Nations and Nationalities Day of this year, it attracted a number of local tourists.

Indeed, the revenue from the tourism is on increasing over the years at the national level. Specifically, earnings from tourism have shown upward trends due to an increase in inflow of tourists in response to restoration of peace and security specifically, in tourist attraction areas in which case Bahir Dar is the typical one.

The prospect for growth in tourism is becoming higher owing to the attention given to the sector as well as existence of peace and stability in the country. In this regard, Bahir Dar is on making every effort to tap its huge tourism potential as well. Therefore, any who goes to Bahir Dar really enjoy great and unique historical sites and other pristine scenery, and take with oneself an exquisite of life time memory.




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