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Enterprise,stakeholders discuses 40/60 housing project

The newly established Addis Ababa City Administration Saving Houses Development Enterprise Friday discussed 40/ 60 housing development schemes with residents and organizations.

Enterprise General Manager Kende Bizuneh said the forum was organized with the objective of creating awareness among residents and stakeholders that directly or indirectly involve in housing development project.

Briefing participants on the ever increasing housing demand and Adminstration`s response to the problem, Deputy Head of Housing Development and Public Building Construction Departement, Atsbeha Gebre-Yohanees said, with the emergence of new industrial zones and towns the demand for housing units has increased.

To deal with these problems the government has implemented different mechanisms. Integrated Housing Development Project, 40/60 housing project, 10/90 and 20/80 are among others, he said.

According to him, as part of its scheme to meet the ever increasing house demand the government is working on the 40/60 saving housing project.

“As the experience of developed nations shows, saving has contributed a lot in their over all economic activities. This is especially true in filling governments financial gaps. Therefore, the housing development project must be attached with saving, and the culture of saving must be encouraged.”

The absence of infrastructure, financial input and the rehabilitation of slum areas are the main challenges in the housing development project, according to Atsbeha. In this regard, the government is doing its level best to fill the gap by providing basic infrastructure and importing scarce constriction materials. As part of this programme, the enterprise has already launched its G + 12 housing project at the Sengatera Site. Preparations are also under way to launch the projrct at the Crown Site.




0 #10 tizita 2013-10-18 18:49
very good!!!
+2 #9 alemu 2013-10-15 11:35
if only expecting from housing agency nothing to do except delayance so please as u start now partcipate profitable government institiution through providing land
-2 #8 frf 2013-08-31 00:42
screw diaspora hodam!!!
-2 #7 muba 2013-08-07 08:18
Quoting Hana:
Hello this is the question I have what is 50/50?

thats not for the regular condos. thats i think for a larger appartments n g+2s.
u pay 50% = 175000 upto 238000, at the time of registration and u pay the same again when u r given the area.
+1 #6 birara 2013-07-22 08:47
Dear the government officials

I am hearing the Ethiopian telecommunicati on agency(Ethiopia -telecom), the agency(the government organization) planned to provide credit for its employee to pay 100%.

These profitable government organizations such as Banks, insurances,Tele and the like should be given land from the Addis Ababa city Admin and build houses for their employees.
unless this strategy is implemented, housing problem in this country can not be solved.
with the government's building efficiency of not more than 10,000 houses per year how can the existing demand be solved?
please, the concerned leaders think more on the issue to launch fair guideline/rules.

The government should give priority to the in country residents, and encourage the Diasporas to build themselves by lending them land from the government as they are economically better.
-2 #5 Hana 2013-07-18 01:29
Hello this is the question I have what is 50/50?
+3 #4 bereket 2013-07-10 09:46
for me 40/60's information is not clear.b/c some says those who pay first will get and then the rest will be what?
-2 #3 Hiwot Teklay 2013-07-07 08:03
The price of all housing project except 10/90 are not affordable and expensive for Major. government should consider the peoples live standard. most people lives hand to mouth life. the maximum price of one house with three bedrooms currently, should not be more than 150,000.00 Birr. of course some peoples can afford your price but the majority cannot afford it. so the government should revise the price and should make research about the major peoples life standard. let me ask you one question, your housing prices are really only the cost of the house or cost + markup?
+1 #2 Abebe 2013-07-01 08:08
The government set the 40/60 housing project plan, which indicates that the minimum contribution is 40% so why not equally treated who are contributing 40% and 100%. B/c the name that indicates who fulfill the minima can get the house.
Change the idea that 100% contribution not privileged than 40% it could be treated equally otherwise change the name instead of 40/60 in to 100%.
+1 #1 yonas Tesfaye 2013-06-24 07:55
If the government is going to issue the house for the diaspora and for the wealthy it is infamous and i can suspect that the Officials are luring to benefit from the scheme. Care must be given and individuals must be encouraged to save. Otherwise, there will be a big mess in the city . the corrupted officials should be kept away.and priority should be given for those who are willing to save the 40 % as per the original Plan.

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