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New investment proclamation tabled for discussion

Addis Ababa City Adminstration Trade and Industrial Development Bureau and stakeholders discussed the new Investment proclamation, No. 769/2004 at the Gihon Hotel yesterday. The proclamation is key role in promoting investment, combating rent seeking and accelerate investment through one window service.

Addis Ababa Investment Agency Manager, Getachew Woreti said on the occasion that due to govenrmnt`s commitment to democracy and economic development in a bid to change the country's previous negative image.

β€œThe investment sector is showing progress. In accelerating the sector the government had been creating conducive ground for practitioners. In addition to that,the various policies and strategies has brought remarkable change on the country.”

Fitsum Arega Federal Investment Agency Director added that the proclamation also has an objective to accelerate the investment sector.

According to him, seeing the contribution of the agricultural and manufacturing sector the proclamation in line with the GTP will play a key role creating developmental investors .The proclamation will enable the government to control unwise use of public resources and speed up working procedures, he added.

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