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FBC launches Debre-Berhan FM 94.0 air transmission

Fana Broadcasting Corporate(EBC) officially launched Debre-Berhan FM 94.0 air transmission yesterday as part of its efforts to incorporate more areas and increase its accessibility.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, Government Communication Affairs Office State Minister Shemelis Kemal said that the Corporate besides providing information is playing an essential role towards ensuring good governance, building democracy and sustaining economic growth of the country.

According to Shemelis the Corporate is a leading media organization striving to further connect remote areas so as to empower the general public with tangible information. Though broadcasting requires a huge investment, the Corporate has already been launching regional stations in different areas to promote the historical and cultural heritages of local communities. The launching of the station will create a good opportunity to the community to discuss various socioeconomic issues,said the State Minister.

Corporate CEO Weldu Yemessel on his part said that since its inception, the Corporate has always been serving the public through providing tangible information. In addition, being the voice of the voiceless, the Corporate has given priority for the development of the country, added the CEO.

The media industry is at infant stage, hence the Corporate will work tirelessly to create vibrant and robust media organization working for the overall development of the people. The newly launched stations will facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences among the public.

Amhara State North Shoa Zone Deputy Administrator Girma Yeshitela also said that it is crystal clear that media is powerful weapon to identify and reflect the people’s socioeconomic challenges. Thus, the corporate will serve as an instrument for the public to discuss their matters and point remedial solutions.

Indicating that the station would promote the assets of the Zone,Girma added that the administration is fully committed to work closely with the Corporate.

Corporate Board Chairman Dessalgn Mokonnen said that the Corporate as part of its vision, has been assisting the ongoing economic growth of the country being a bridge between the public and the government. By designing new and accessible programmes, the corporate has introduced FM stations in different languages to address the public. The corporate is looking forward to launch new transmission in different areas of the country, Desalgn added.

The corporate handed over certificates to organizations who contributed to the realization of the transmission.


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