Catholic Church prays for lasting peace, stability Featured

05 Dec 2017

Following the recent unrest in some parts of the country, the Ethiopian Catholic Cathedral Church prayed for displaced people to return home safely and sustainable peace and stability across the country as well.

ArchBishop of the Ethiopian Catholic Churches His Holiness Cardinal Berhaneyesus Demerew Souraphiel said that violence that took place in some parts of the country has nothing to do with the peace loving fellow citizens who have been living in coexistence and tolerance for many years .

As to the cardinal, the death of some people and the destruction of properties should have prevented through discussions.

The cardinal noted that in the effort to restore peace and order in those conflict- stricken towns and villages , the churches need to play its due role in strengthening the hard- earned peace and stability in the country.

“It is really appreciable to pray for a lasting peace among our Nations, Nationalities and Peoples and resolution of differences in a peaceful and civilized manner.”

His holiness cardinal further added that the church had been praying for peace during the last consecutive weeks.

He finally urged the government and the general public to aggressively work for upholding peace through conducting discussions to resolve a given difference at all levels.

On the occasion, Addis Ababa Archdiocesan Catholic Secretariat /ACS/ Head Aba Petros Beriga said for his part that the call to prayers would further strengthen the religious communities' efforts in refraining from destructive acts.

Expressing great concern over ethnic clashes in some part of the country, he called on the faithful and the public at large to work for a lasting peace.





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