Institute plans to earn 182 mln. USD from meat and dairy export

07 Dec 2017


Ethiopian Meat and Dairy Industry Development Institute said it plans to earn 182 million USD from meat, milk, fish and honey exports this fiscal year.

So far, the Institute has earned some 25 million USD from meat, milk, fish and honey export in the first quarter of the budget year, Dr. Tekeba Eshete, Institute Deputy Director General told The Ethiopian Herald.

Yet the institute could not realize its plan to earn 36 million USD in the first quarter of the budget year due to drought, instability, illegal trade and strong competition.

As to him, the country is working to strengthen its market linkage across the world by identifying 27 major importer countries.

While 90 percent of Ethiopia's meat export goes to United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, recently, China has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to import about one million tons of meat products per annum, he stated.

Currently, the country has about 13 private agro-processing industries that are mainly producing processed meat and meat products.

Allana Sons_Frigorifico Boran Foods PLC, an Indian meat processing and slaughterhouse established at Adami Tulu town of Oromia State would begin export this fiscal year.

The PLC is expected to increase the productive capacity by 500 percent and enable the country earn 500 million USD per annum, he noted.

On the other hand, the growing number of agro-processing industrial parks will play significant role in utilizing nation’s abundant agricultural products and increasing export, according to Dr. Tekeba.

The Institute has been striving to add value to agricultural exports through building capacity, creating market linkage and promoting investment opportunities.






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