AU high level forum says beating malaria possible, calls for accelerated interventions

27 Jan 2018

ADDIS ABABA—Side edge to the undergoing 30th African Union Ordinary Session, high level dialogue on malaria held Friday underscored that beating malaria is possible where as the efforts in Africa are at the cross roads.
It called on member states to mobilize political leadership and scale-up the interventions to end malaria by 2030.
Speaking on the high level dialogue, AU Commission Chairperson Mousa Faki Mahamat said that the member states of the African Union should work relentlessly in the fight against malaria.
He further added that member states should have to high their political commitment to mobilize resources of all kind, make advocacy and work together with international and regional partners to achieve the vision 2030 of ending malaria across the continent.
World Health Organization, Director for Global Malaria Program Dr. Pedro Alonso for his part said that while some countries in Africa have seen greater increase in malaria cases, others are showing that beating malaria is possible.
Dr. Pedro urged for continental collaboration.
Ethiopia's State Minister of Health Dr. Kebede Worku said that in the early 2000s, Ethiopia used to face large scale malaria epidemics. Thus, the government has been mobilizing large amount of resources to the fight against malaria. As the result, the country has been achieving significant progress in reducing the epidemics and malaria cases. “Malaria have been shrinking and the mortality for the cause of it has been dropped down short in 2005.”
He noted that Ethiopia has moved to the next step in the fight against malaria and manifested that beating malaria is possible.
Dr. Kebede stated that Africans should be committed to eliminate malaria by the year 2030. Failing to do so is to repeat the great failure of 1960s faced at the global malaria fighting.
Former Ethiopia's Health Minister and CEO Roll Back Malaria Partnership said together malaria can be eliminated, what matters is coordinated effort among member countries and partners.


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