Road map to unleash irrigation potentials Featured

13 Feb 2018

ADDIS ABABA- “ As the country has huge untouched potential of irrigable areas  inboth water -rich  and  arid  areas, it has come up with a new national road map, ” said Dr Mekuria Tadesse,  Secretariat Coordinator at the Ethiopia  Agricultural Research Council.
He recently told  The Ethiopian Herald that the national road map for irrigation development will robustly support the country’s demand of agricultural products  via ensuring   national food security and boosting  the foreign earnings as well.  
According to him,  though Ethiopia have about 42 million hectares of  land which  is conducive to irrigation development,  it has to  develop the sector  using  modern technology, mechanised farming  and the like.
“The sector  is beset by  salinity of soils’ and water pollution and so the new irrigation development road map  hopefully will solve such  problems at all.”
 Dr Mekuria ,therefore, noted that the road map is comprehensive and prepared to unlock  the nation's irrigation potentials  as a whole.   
He also indicated that: “There are mega projects of irrigation that are prepared by Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity, therefore,  I believe  that the future of the nation's irrigation is rosy .”
Emphasizing on Ethiopia's potential of irrigation  in strengthening its export earnings and mushrooming agro-industries, he called on investors  to   engage in  irrigation farming as the  sector has remained unexploited for many years .
He also urged that apart from  the road map, irrigation technologies  need to  be expanded and  received particular attention .


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