CBE’s construction projects crucial in ensuring quality service Featured

14 Feb 2018

ADDIS ABABA- Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) said it has hugely invested in various construction projects in a bid to provide quality service, and expand domestic saving base. 

The Bank's 75th Anniversary Project Office Manager Ephrem Mekuria told The Ethiopian Herald that the Bank currently undertakes a lot of construction projects in Addis Ababa and other regional towns.
Last weekend, CBE inaugurated the 11-storied facility - Gadda Building - for over 195 million Birr in Africa’s largest open-air market, Mercato.
He said the new building has a dedicated interest-free banking department and a customer contact center with a capacity to provide a 24-hour service for 210 customers at a time. The center, which is equipped with ultra-modern technologies and capable professionals, offers service for both Bank’s external and internal customers via different dial numbers, Ephrem added.
He said: “Cognizant to the role domestic saving would play on the country's economic development and in fostering investment, we are hugely engaged in branch expansion and modernization activities.”
Tesfaye Gutema, Construction Project Office Manager at the Bank, on her part said that CBE has established the office to follow-up the implementation of all construction projects under its ownership, including the future Headquarter of the bank.
Tesfaye noted that the Office has successfully overseen the construction of Sebeta Building in Oromia State, and the building of Renaissance, Zagwe and Gadda Buildings in various areas of Addis Ababa.
She also said that the construction projects aim at easing customers' access with up-to-date technologies and facilities in order to nurture public’s saving culture, thereby boosting the Bank's capacity to provide loans for investment. CBE has also plan to construct new district buildings in Bole Sub City and Bahir Dar and Hawassa to offer a modern and seamless services in the respective areas and expand its customer base, Tesfaye noted.



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