Higher education expansion vs quality education Featured

13 Mar 2018

The number of higher education institutions has reached more than a hundred and forty from almost none due to nation’s relentless investment in education . Some people argue that this surprising exponential growth will have a negative impact on the quality of education whereas the government believes quality in education can be ensured along with expansion.
Ethiopian Private Higher Education and TVET Institutions’ Association and Admas University President Dr. Molla Tsegay considers government’s heavy investment in education as a right and astonishing move.
He also says expanding the sector enables everyone to hold the key for change and development .“ As far as my concern ,over a quarter of the population of the nation strives to quench their education thirst seizing the golden educational opportunities in the country.”
Responding to whether education quality is being affected or not in parallel with higher education expansion , he notes that the nation has to conduct research in this end. “ It is impossible to talk about education quality without having adequate education institutions,this is because the primary focus of the government has to be on access and equity,” he adds.
Concerning the possible challenges on ensuring education quality , Dr. Molla indicates that the expansion of higher education would induce such concern as they become competent enough through times
For Addis Ababa University Assistant Professor Dr. Firdissa Jabessa , focusing on access and equity may have a challenge on the quality of education. “Though the government has been hugely investing in expanding education aimed at realizing the intended development drive , quality might be compromised.” He reiterates that there is a possibility of compromising quality due to high intake.
The Institute of Educational Research (IER) leading researcher at Addis Ababa University Prof. Derebsa Dufera for his part says : “We cannot deny the possible impact of fast higher education expansion on the quality of education, but it is not proper to conclude without carrying out timely researches.
“Unlike the assertion some people try to make, we should realize that we have well equipped graduates with the necessary skills. The quality of our graduates is evident in the socioec onomic development the nation registered in the last two decades. But in order to deduce whether quality is rising or declining, conducting research is a wise decision,” he concluded. 


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