Bureau amends construction sector guideline

14 Mar 2018

ADDIS ABABA - Addis Ababa City Administration Construction Office presented the city's construction sector amended guideline for discussion in the presence of pertinent stakeholders on Monday.
Engineer Yonas Haile, Office Chairman told The Ethiopian Herald that the amended guideline will help create transparent working environment within the construction sector.
The Office has encountered many challenges, he said, mentioning rent seeking attitudes and activities, lack of qualified experts, and absence of modernized technological equipment. “And in order to alleviate such problems, we should create a suitable atmosphere for contractors in every aspect.”
To make the construction industry competitive and succeed in achieving the goals set in the GTP II, root out rent seeking activities and sculpt a non transparent system is critical, he added.
Bereket Meles, Manager of FAB Construction, stated that the improved principles on construction sector are beneficial for those who are engaged in small enterprise to achieve their objectives. Given that the sector is monopolized by large contractors, micro level enterprises were not involved and able to compete. The amendment of the principle is very important. “But it should be executed accordingly.”
Corporate Infrastructure Monitoring Expert with the Office, Tamrat GebreMeskel also said access to infrastructure is greatly expanded in the city, but there are some issues related to the city's ongoing road projects and other institutions' interference on the construction sector. He pointed out that the purpose of the amended principle is to alleviate such problems, and work together with other infrastructural institutions.
Regarding to the professional code of ethics, Afework Nigussie, Manager of Civil Engineers Corporation, indicated that its main purpose ought to prioritize serving the community and also maximizing societal security, encourage professional persistence. However, setting law on professional code of ethics alone is not enough, as efforts need to be exerted to work on attitudinal change of experts as well, Engineer Yonas noted.


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