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14 Apr 2018

ADDIS ABABA- 150th anniversary of Emperor Tewodros is being celebrated with different occasions beginning from 11th April 2018. 

Marishet Girmay Head of History and Heritage Administration Department at Gondar University told The Ethiopian Herald the anniversary is celebrated with the theme “Mekdela at 150, Emperor Tewodros King of Kings of Ethiopia”.
“The celebration has aimed at handing over the Emperor’s vision and values of his sacrifice for technologically advanced and united Ethiopia to the current generation,” noted Marishet.
It has also an objective of intensifying the efforts for the restitution of heritages looted from Mekdela by General Napier’s army during the war between Britain and Ethiopia, including the remains of Prince Alemayehu, Son of the Emperor. Thus strengthening the Mekdela Heritage Restitution Committee would be part of the tasks while celebrating the anniversary.
He also noted that the Foundation of Emperor Tewodros would be laid at Mekdela where he fought the final battle and sacrificed himself not to surrender for the invading force.
Meanwhile the foundation is in commemoration of Tewodros’s aspiration for technology and aims at providing scholarships for youths with technological interests but who have been limited because of financial problems, said Marishet.
Several academic, cultural and tourism activities have been taking place before the official launch of the celebration. Historical researches were presented, artistic works performed and voyages have been made across the places where the emperor’s life began and ended.
A beauty contest was also part of the activities that has been undertaken to remember that the first beauty contest took place during the Emperor’s regime.


















A portrait of Ethiopian warriors pulling Sevastopol(the first cannon made in Ethiopia) towards Mekdela hills

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