Ethiopia places emphasis on economic ties

16 Apr 2018

ADDIS ABABA— Ethiopia would place much attention on economic ties with neighboring countries , Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MoFA) emphasized . 

Over last year, 855 million422 thousand USD had been secured by putting on the market exportable commodities for neighboring countries. MoFA as well disclosed that over the past years, foreign investors had partaken in 473 investment works apart from creating job opportunities for 13 thousand Ethiopians.
As per Meles Alem, Spokesperson of MoFA, Ethiopia and its neighboring countries are spliced by languages, cultures and boundaries. Moreover, the neighbors serve as market hubs. For a long time, Ethiopia was giving much attention to political relationships with neighboring countries. At this point, it will give much attention to common economic benefits.
“The country’s export and import trade is entertained at the ports of Djibouti and Sudan. At this point in time, efforts are underway to bring into play alternative ports,” the spokesperson stressed.
“For the country’s peace and growth, neighboring countries play a major role. Furthermore, Ethiopia would further strengthen economic ties with neighboring countries.
It as well is undertaking legal border market,among others.” he added.
He went on to say, with the intention of taking the current economic ties of the country in terms of trade, investment and tourism sectors to a new level of achievement, infrastructural development works are being successfully carried out. Above and beyond, it is made possible to achieve stronger relationships pertaining to roads, trains and port usage to this point. Although, the infrastructure development ties is promising, the condition of peace and security has not moved towards the required level. As they are turning out to be stumbling blocks for economic ties the government would accord special attention to working hand-in-glove with neighboring countries.



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