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16 Apr 2018

ADDIS ABABA- To effectively translate the Growth and Transformation Plan fighting corruption and improp rieties tooth and nail must get focal attention.

The Federal Ethics and Anti-corruption Commotion (FEACC) Communication officer Aseged Medeksa so stressed.
The utilization of resources allocated for the expansion of infrastructural facilities , building democratic systems and rendering citizens' equal beneficiaries and fighting out rent-seeking mind bent and corruption must be made a point.
Nowadays, as the aforementioned tasks have become the country’s main agenda , the commission has designed a plan entitled “Integral Strategy for Corruption Prevention.” It is working towards the implementation of the plan.
The officer further noted that strengthening the struggle against corruption will help bring about significant changes in preventing and combating corruption and rent-seeking.
In this regard, in order to bring considerable change in the country amendments of corruption laws that enable the Commission to investigate corruption cases in public enterprise and private institutions is a must.
The commission should make investigations, criminal prosecution and recovery of public assets, embezzled or inappropriately obtained from any relation with customers, stockholders, people having political powers or administrative position, and so on.
Currently ,the Commission's mandate is receiving tips from whistle blowers. Investigating corruption offenses, prosecuting corruption offenders and conducting asset recovery missions fall under the jurisdiction of General and Federal Police in accordance with proclamation No,943/2008.
In 2016/ 2017 GC budget year, the Anti-corruption Commission has carried out many effective and preventive activities. To empower institutions in preventing corruption it has been providing training on Institutionalized corruption prevention strategy. In Partnership with Tax, Audit and Transparency programs for those Federal Institutions of the country, it as well gives awareness training on “Asset Registration & its significance, Ethical Leadership and Corruption prevention .
As Asseged told to Herald, the Commission has reviewed studies conducted nationwide to assess the “Impact of corruption and improprieties regarding wastage of Natural Resources and Environmental Pollution, Contribution of Construction Consultants on corruption prevention and Impropriety in the construction sector.” The other issue is “Duty Free Import Goods Provision” , among various issues related to other AU countries .
As the officer stressed Transpa rency International supports the creation of FEACC's to help in the fight against corruption, and calls on governments to support and protect these institutions to fulfill their mandates by ensuring they are given the independence and resources to do their jobs effectively. In implementation a well-financed and independent anti-corruption Agency or commission can be instrumental in the fight against corruption. However, they need support from the government, judiciary and law enforcement bodies if they are to discharge their jobs effectively.
As the explanation of the officer, the Vision for the Prosperous Africa leans on inclusive growth and sustainable development. It can only be successfully realized in an African context.
Good governance, democratic value, respect for human rights, justice and the rule of law must have unshakable base in Africa so Africa stands shoulder high than continents. Above all, anti corruption commissions in Africa need independence, they need to establish their credentials as independent investigators dedicated to fighting corruption both inside and outside government in practical operations of all over the country Ethiopia and Africa.
The officer Asseged said the fight against corruption is very difficult because it changes its manifestations in tandem with technological advance ment. So it is an acid test all level of experts,managers middle and high level leaders as the experience of other countries depict.
Asseged also explained that FEACC has planned to perform more works with African countries' Anti-corruption Commission Offices and that of other global anti-corruption commission offices to ensure good governance and democracy . Virtues that will create a platform that fast track the move towards corruption prevention, investigation and prose cution, supporting and coordinating the activities of Ethics infrastructures, Asset Disclosure and Registration Legal Affair, Promoting and strengthening Ethical practice and corruption Research Expansions are indicators for the commission. These were stressed in the 30th Assembly of the Head of States and Government of African Union(AU) n convened on January 22-29/2018 in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia.
Ethiopia has launched a new campaign with a single important goal of fighting corruption across the continent .Furthermore Asseged said focus will also be placed on awareness -deepening training on prevention & combating corruption and rent-seeking to hasten the Growth and Transformation of the country Ethiopia.
As to Aseged's explanation, for works down the road, as a president for next two consecutive year, Ethiopia has been selected by the AU to lead the east African region,while Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan Executive as Committee members to fight corruption across the continent of Africa. True to the South African context Ethiopia stands a chance to gain extra opportunity of leading for additional periods proving its strength to struggle against fighting corruption across the African context. But Ethiopia needs collaboration on the part of the continent's people and the government of Africa and the world to do assignment in a coordinated manner.



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