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16 May 2018
The House of Peoples' Representatives The House of Peoples' Representatives

ADDIS ABABA- The House of Peoples Representative (HPR) on its 24th regular session yesterday approved 975 million USD worth loan agreements and nomination bills. 

Accordingly, the Parliament ratified the loan agreement of 375 million USD concluded with International Development Association (IDA), which is part of the World Bank, to finance the country's electrification program. As stated at the parliament floor, the program aims at increasing electricity access in Ethiopia, and enhance the institutional capacity for the planning and implementation of the program.
The other loan statement approved by the legislative body involves a 600 million USD agreement with IDA, which will finance urban institutional and infrastructure development program. And according to agreement, this program intends to improve institutional performance of urban local governments to develop and sustain urban infrastructures, services and local economic development.
The House also approved the nomination of the new Ombudsman for Ethiopian Institution of the Ombudsman (EIO), and a Commissioner for Women and children's affairs at the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission(EHRC).
House Speaker Shitaye Minale on the occasion said that following the resignation of the Commissioner and Ombudsman, the House has nominated seven candidates each from MPs based on their status to serve the two-nominating committee. Accordingly, the request to approve membership of the candidates was approved unanimously and was directed to the concerned body for further scrutiny.
Furthermore, the Parliament also approved the agreement made between Ethiopia and Russia regarding cooperation and mutual administrative assistance in customs matters.



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