Muslims urged to support the needy during Ramadan Featured

16 May 2018
Sheikh Muhammad-Amin Jamal Sheikh Muhammad-Amin Jamal

ADDIS ABABA- Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council (EIASC) has called on Muslims to observe the fasting month of Ramadan by supporting the needy, and tending to displaced citizens. 

In a message he delivered in connection with the 1439th Ramadan, the Council's President Sheikh Muhammad-Amin Jamal has urged the faithful to show kindness and genuine love during the fasting period.
Reminding Muslims the month’s special place in Islam, Sheikh Muhammad- Amin called on the faithful to join efforts in rehabilitating displaced citizens, and maintaining their support.
He said: “It is the time to shun materialism, exercise patience, control our emotion, and reflect on our compassion and empathy.”
Remembering victims of the past unrest and supporting them is essential, he indicated.
Alongside this, the President advised every Muslim to contribute their share in backing the country’s ongoing economic development, and to fight against poverty, radicalism and narrow nationalism.
The Muslim community needs to take part in the vision of building a peaceful and prosperous Ethiopia by fostering solidarity with their non-Muslim brothers and sisters, Sheikh Muhammad-Amin stressed.
Muslims across the globe will obsereve the 1439th Ramadan beginning from tomorrow.





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