Reverse engineering crucial in promoting technology exchange Featured

12 Jun 2018

ADDIS ABABA - Reverse Engineering is crucial in promoting technology exchange and value adding on new technologies ,experts said .
Ministry of Science and Technology State Minister Sumetie Gizaw (Ph.D) said that Reverse Engineering is the main option to prosper with socio-economic aspects through the application of latest technological advancements. The sector is still at its bottom line compared to other countries due to the lack of inputs to strengthen practical teaching programme in the area, he added.
Ethiopian Biotechnology Institute (EBTI) Deputy Director General Sandokan Debebe told The Ethiopian Herald that some success stories have seen regarding producing imported products locally through Reverse Engineering. Moreover, simple reverse engineering technologies are developed here that eases the societies’ social life, he added.
Stove and dish oven, water heater and other day to day household instruments are the foremost results of Reverse Engineering in the country. The institute is working in collaboration with stakeholders prioritizing big engineering technologies development at home, according to him.
“Thus, the establishment of technology and Reverse Engineering Center is fundamental to compete the developed countries along with new technological innovations.”
Defense University Engineering College, Ass Prof. Ajit Palsin said that having well immersed Reverse Technology highly supports the economy of a given country. Lack of technological inputs to practice reverse engineering, language barrier and the sector execution capacity hinders the country not to acquire the expected from the sector, he added.
The establishment of new Reverse Engineering Technology Center is important to facilitate the country’s endeavors to promote its economy through technology exchange, experts agree.
It is a fact that utilization of new technologies expedites socio-economic transformations of countries. South Korea, China, Brazil, India and Iran are the dominant countries known for developing and utilizing Reverse Engineering towards the success of their economy.
In Ethiopia, the Ministry of Science and Technology is undertaking various actions in the efforts to motivate, practice and develop Reverse Engineering. Thus, the country’s young and old science and technology universities are expected to contribute more in this regard.


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