President urges to strengthen Ethio - Sudan relationship

13 Jun 2018


ADDIS ABABA – President Dr. Mulatu Teshome said the longstanding historic relations between Ethiopia and Sudan need to be strengthened in trade and investment frontiers.
The President made the remark yesterday while holding talks with the outgoing Ambassador of Republic of the Sudan to Ethiopia, Gamal Elshaikh Ahmed at the National Palace.
Dr. Mulatu further noted that the ever-burgeoning bilateral relation of the two sisterly countries is the result of Ethiopia foreign policy, which gives due emphasis to relations with neighboring countries in terms of diplomatic, economic and peace and security.
President Dr. Mulatu also discussed with the outgoing Ambassador about the strategic bilateral relations of the two countries in investment and infrastructure. Mentioning the railway, road transports and port sharing, the President said the links have positive impacts to both counties in terms of boosting their regional and development integration, and improving the lives of the peoples of the two countries.
Gemal El Shiek Ahmed, who served for a year and half in Ethiopia and departing due to another commitment at the Sudanese presidency office, for his part praised Ethiopia's approach for the cooperation and commitment the country has in securing peace and fighting terrorism in the East Africa region.
The out going Ambassador also expressed his commitment to further strengthening the shared strong historic, political, economic and cultural bonds between the two countries.
It was learnt that currently, Sudan is the second largest export destination to Ethiopia in terms of volume next to Somalia with trade balance of 139,000,000 Birr.
Since 2009, the two countries has made 12 agreements which benefit the peoples of the two countries. 


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