Synod to send peace delegates to US Featured

12 Jul 2018


ADDIS ABABA- Ethiopian Orthodox Church Synod has decided to send three popes to the US in response for the call of the peace committee to solve the schism between spiritual leaders of Orthodox Church inside and outside the country.
Speaking on a press conference held here yesterday his Holiness Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church Abune Mathias urged the faithful to stand and pray for the unity of all Orthodox churches and return of spiritual leaders who are dispersed abroad.
He also noted that the disagreement between the spiritual leaders following the withdrawal of the fourth Patriarch has divided the church for the past twenty-six years.
Meanwhile, “The Synod has been putting efforts to bring peace by opening up doors for having conversations in its assembly that is held twice a year. And this effort for peace will continue as conversations on the canons that the church has been following in the past would be discussed and resolved by the Holy Synod”.
On the other hand, Abune Mathias said the current spirit of reform that the country is going through is becoming fruitful. As a result, the church genuinely supports the aspirations to bring a new era of peace between the peoples of Ethiopia and Eritrea. According to him, the church would do its level best for the realization of these peace efforts.


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