Ministry commits to upgrade primary health care services Featured

12 Jul 2018


ADDIS ABABA- Ministry of Health said it is allocating 80 percent of its health institutions budget to upgrading primary health care services and creating model health institutions in the next two years.
Dr. Amir Aman, Minister of Health told The Ethiopian Herald that there are many health institutions in the country that do not have adequate infrastructures such as water and electric power supply. Some 43 percent of the health institutions do not have full water, electricity and other health facilities.
To solve these challenges and improve the service delivery of existing health institutions, the ministry’s next two years focus is also on creating model institutions than establishing new health institutions.
Following the agreement reached with all state health bureau leaderships’ members, the ministry has decided to improve primary health care services and create model health institutions by allocating 80 percent health institutions’ budget. This would enable the health institutions to deliver complete health service for communities, he stated.
“With this, we have agreed to shift the focus on improving primary health service and creating model institutions to facilitate efficient service for citizens,” Dr. Amir said.
Fulfilling the existing health institutions with available infrastructures and facilities and making them ready to deliver complete health care services is the primary activity before constructing additional institution in the coming two years, he added.
On the other hand, 20 percent of the budget would be allocated for the construction of new health institutions at university and tertiary levels, he indicated.
As most health intuitions have not been delivering efficient health services for the community, the ministry will in the future focus on upgrading their capacity by meeting their laboratory, medical treatment tools, drugs and other facilities and equipments demand, he pointed out.
Besides, resolving the skill gaps is also among the major priorities of the next two years plan, he noted.
Currently, there are more than 16,000 health posts, 3700 health stations and 411 hospitals at national level.


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