Center says committed to research on Ethiopia's green economy implementation

24 Feb 2016


Ethiopian Development Research Institute Environment and Climate Research Center(ECRC) expressed its readiness to intensify efforts undertake research activities with regard to Ethiopia's implementation of Climate Resilience Green Economy (CRGE) experiences to provide scientific explanation to fill gaps.

A day-long workshop on the five-year research program of ECRC was held here yesterday with the theme: “Towards Developing Long-term Policy Research and Impact Evaluation Program."

Center Director Dr. Haileselassie Ameha said that the center's five-year research programme will focus on the thematic areas of energy, water, agriculture, forestry and industrialization.

The Center was established a year ago to support the implementation of CRGE strategy. The objective of this workshop is to materialize the implementation of the strategy with knowledge and scientific explanation, he said.

The government is ready to draw lessons and findings of research outcomes the center has conduced with feedback from the center. Ethiopia is working to build green economy and attain middle income status, Dr. Haileselassie said.

The center is to deliver this knowledge to help the country learn from its experience and fill the gap witnessed in the implementation of the green strategy.

Environment Forestry and Climate Change Minister Advisor Dr. Toweldeberhan Gebegziabher on his part said Ethiopia is ambitious to grow more and achieve resilient economy where it is already making efforts to make its energy green and environmental friendly such as hydro energy. The country is also undertaking a long journey to development trajectory to reduce carbon emission in which the number is lower in other developed nations. "This shows the commitment of the government to realize CERGE. Ethiopia has come a long way in rehabilitating its forest coverage and degraded land through mobilizing the public. It is contributing to preventing climate change impacts," he said.

The impact of the current El-Nino would have been more devastating than it turned out to be had not the country undertaken relentless efforts in natural resource conservation activities.

Dr. Teweldeberhan also underlined the need to investigate the implementation of national policy and strategy in line with CERGE to draw lesson and identify gaps while praising the Centers 's contribution.

Researchers from Ethiopia and international institutions have presented their research findings in wide-rage of areas in the workshop.





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