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29 Mar 2016

Improving the living condition of teachers needs urgent measure as it affects education quality.


The Ministry of Education yesterday announced that it is working to to restore the previous respect for the teaching profession. The Ministry said various incentives are in the pipeline to reward teachers serving at all levels within a few weeks.

Opening a three-day workshop on educational leadership and development, Education Minister Shiferaw Shigute said that the Ministry has been working to change attitude towards the teaching profession and teachers.

The Minister added that a new salary package targeting to improve the living conditions of teachers would be effective within the coming few weeks. He further said that housing packages, other educational incentives and rewards are prepared to maintain the interest and initiation of teachers thereby improving education quality.

State Minister for the General Education Sector Dr. Tilaye Getu also said improving the living condition of teachers needs urgent measure as it affects education quality.

He further noted as the nation has over 400,000 teachers, improving the state of living of the teachers means changing the lives of a sizable number of civil servants nationwide.

Also Tilaye said that besides the new salary package proposed by the Ministry of Public Service and Human Resource Development for all sectors, the Ministry has developed its own salary package and incentive programme for teachers in consultation with teachers associations.

Hussien Kedir from the Addis Ababa University said though there had been so many efforts by the government to improve education quality, lack of willingness and motivation and promotion as well as context based educational leadership policies are still challenging the sector.

He called for the Ministry to implement context based policies, establish and empower leadership as an engine for bringing change in schools.

Andargachew Moges from Bahir Dar University School of Psychology and Leadership indicated in a report he presented that that irregularities in giving recognition to teachers, bad perception about the profession and meagre salary are the major factors for the demotivation and lack of willingness on the teachers side.

He said that the Ministry is primarily accountable for gaps in ensuring quality education.

Representatives of all universities, training centres, state education leaders and the public wing deliberate on how to revise the 2007 E.C teachers development programme blueprint.


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