Workshop stresses on integrated approach Featured

02 Nov 2016

Workshop discusses ways of overcoming health problems resulting from climate change.


A workshop organized to explore the linkage among climate change and population as well family planning and development issues yesterday recommended multi-sectoral partnership to address challenges.

Health Ministry of Maternal and Children Directorate Director Dr. Ephrem Tekle said that Ethiopia is working to advance quality and accessible health facility and service.

According to Dr. Ephrem, various efforts have been made to improve maternal health and reduce child mortality under the age of five over the last ten years.

The Ministry prepared the second Health Sector Transformation Plan to deliver equitable health services, he said, adding the country's topography is a challenge to realize equitable health service delivery.

“It is the call of the day to address the challenge in consorted approaches, I hope the workshop will promote integration of Reproductive Health (RH) into non health sectors and bridge the information gaps and service disparities across the State,” he noted.

Population Health Environment Ethiopia Executive Director Negash Teklu for his part said that the objective of the workshop is to identify possible ways to address the unmet need of RH in hard to reach and inaccessible areas of upper river catchments, protected areas, forest and pastoral areas in Oromia State.

The workshop also aims to share practices in RH use in adapting and resilience building to climate change challenges from the various States particularly in Oromia.

According to Negash, current trends point to continued human population growth and ever higher levels of consumption as the global economy expands.



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