Premier warns of taking legal actions against bellicose political leaders Featured

22 May 2015


Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn warned of taking legal actions against belligerent political leaders who are making ill attempts to discredit the 5th general election process.

During yesterday's question hour in the House of Peoples' Representatives, the Premier also urged the political leaders to abstain from circulating unfounded stories concerning the weekend's general election.

According to Prime Minister Hailemariam, the ultimate decider of the election will be the voters and so the contestant political parties have legal and moral obligation to accept the choice of the general public without resorting to lame excuses.

Responding to questions about the so far roles of the public and contesting political parties in making the 5th general elections fair, free and democratic, the Premier told members of parliament that there has been active public participation in this election and the contending political parties have also done their best in presenting their alternative polices. “We are grateful to the peoples of Ethiopia for being well aware of their democratic and constitutional rights than ever before. That is why we have the largest number of registered voters in this election,” he reiterated.

Asked about the deployment of international election observers, Hailemariam noted that the African Union Observers have already begun election observation and presented their initial report to the concerned body. But, others that used to observe our elections in the past, have not come this year due to their own financial problems, he added.

He further said that thousands of election observers from the Ethiopian Civil Society Coalition have been deployed to observe the election. “We need to bear in mind that the general public are our main observers,” Premier underscored.

Pertaining to issues related to lack of good governance, the Premier indicated that the government has been taking serious actions to curb malpractices in the public sectors in consultation with the public. He went on saying that the public needs are increasing from time to time along with the fast economic growth of the nation. “Ethiopian farmers used to demand the construction of schools, gravel roads, water wells, clinics and the like in the past. These days they are asking for nonstop electricity service as they have started to own refrigerators, TV sets, stoves and others,” he noted.

In his final message, the Premier called up on the general public to go to the polling stations in droves as they did in the national registration day.



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