President comforts landslide victims Featured

18 Mar 2017

President Mulatu consoles the recent waste disposal landslide victims and families.


President Dr. Mulatu Teshome comforted the recent waste disposal landslide victims and survivors during his visit to the scene of the accident at Koshe landfill yesterday.

The president said: “The government and the public at large stand shoulder to shoulder with them.”

Dr. Mulatu went on saying that the incident saddened fellow citizens and the government.“It is hard to lose loved ones in such heartbreaking incident, I wish families immense strength .”

He noted on the occasion that the government and penitent partners are ready to rehabilitate families of the victims.

For his part, Addis Ababa City Mayor Diriba Kuma said: “The efforts of the public in leading a hand to the victims are commendable. Particularly, the youth have actively engaged in rescue efforts and they deserve the city administration's recognition.”

At the event, Ethiopia Human Rights Commission donated 100,000 Birr to the victims .



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