Deep reform bearing fruits: EPRDF

19 Mar 2017

Ethiopian  People's Revolutionary Democratic  Front (EPRDF) said its nationwide deep reform activities  have brought  the desired results  in the fight against rent- seeking  mentality and lack of good governance.

In a recent exclusive interview with The Ethiopian Herald ,  EPRDF Public Relations Department  Head Redae Halefom  said  as there is the  strongest consensus  towards ensuring good governance and intensifying the development  endeavors across the country , the deep reform  has been fruitful  by all means.

Following  the deep reform,the government has taken  measures against those officials and administrators who abused  public power ,he added.

According to Redae,  the front carried out  the deep reform  with the active public participation and the political as well as the administrative measures are taken  against corrupt individuals based on concrete evidence.

“The reform has identified various   governance and rent-seeking related issues  and put the way forward  to  realize  the ongoing nation building and renaissance journey.” Moreover, he said it  has deepen and widen democracy in the country.

As to Redae, the  recent deep reform looked back in depth the last 15 years  renaissance   journey of the country , it will continue   until  the nation realizes its renaissance.

Regarding widening the political landscape in the country , he said working  together with various political parties, the incumbent  would go half way to ensure multi- party system. 



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