Mental health care within reach

19 Mar 2017

To any person with mental illness, unable to get affection from their closer circles  inflicts  much pain than the illness itself.

According to information from Amanuel Mental Specialized Hospital (AMSH), 90% of persons with the illness not only get stigmatized, they do not also  receive medical attention in Ethiopia.

Speaking at a three-day media forum Saturday, AMSH General Manager  Dr. Dawit Asefa described stigma as a critical challenge to mental health care  services. “Those who get proper medical attention are not over  one percent and most patients  are made to visit hospitals after  three or four kinds of 'unsuccessful' traditional [treatments].” Nowadays, the government is taking various measures in raising community awareness and accessing mental care services, he noted.

The newly built Kotebe General Hospital is part of  the effort, Dawit said  seizing  the opportunity to announce the launching of  pilot services at Kotebe three weeks ago.

When it goes fully operational, the hospital provides internal medicine, gynecology and pediatric services,  which relate directly or indirectly to mental illness. 

Furthermore, the hospital has made services available at 20 health centers in Addis Ababa.   “The health centers are also provided with adequate supply of medicines.” 

He also indicated that AMSH has initiated the establishment of Ethiopian Mental Health Institution, a center of excellence in the area. The manager also expressed conviction as construction of  Institution building would strike 80% by the end of the current fiscal year. 

Kotebe General Hospital and the Institution constructions worth 100  million Birr and nearly 98 million Birr  respectively.



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