Ministry working towards effective, competent public enterprises

19 Mar 2017

The Public Enterprises Ministry said its  board members  need to  work aggressively towards realizing effective  and competent  enterprises. This was disclosed  during a recently held consultative forum..

Speaking at  the occasion Minister Dr. Girma Amente said : “ The Ministry has  assigned new board chairpersons and members based on their professional capacity, work experience, education status and their proximity to the industry.

According to  him, the public enterprises board   members  are assigned in accordance with their ability to lift the enterprises out of multi-sectoral problems and bring significant change in the socio-economic status of such enterprises.

“ To make public enterprises flourishing in their endeavors, every board member needs to work in cooperation with the Ministry and has to play their due roles and responsibilities on a  regular basis, ” he added.

Regarding enterprises privatization  efforts ,Dr. Girma said  it is remarkable compared to other African countries. Currently, there are over 300 enterprises which have been privatized.

It is to be recalled that  the  recent  six- month report of the enterprises stated that among the 23 public enterprises, only three such as Coastic Soda Factory, Pulp and Paper Factory and Bahir Dar Textile Factory registered deficit of profit while the others are successful even supported by the industrial development fund.



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