Climate resilient economy taking shape but lacking assessing tools : Center

06 May 2017


Ethiopia  continues to be pioneer in achieving rapid and green economic growth at a times while industrialized countries struggle to clean their polluted environment, stated the Environment and Climate Research Center.

Center Director Dr. Haileselassie Amaha said Ethiopia has registered promising success in pushing for rapid and resilient economies simultaneously while indicating  the already industrialized nations poised to incur  huge junk of money to clean their environments. 

Having sound policies, government commitment and natural resources, the country has already put itself on the right track to  meet green development agendas. Increased  private sector engagement and stakeholders coordination is also required to sustain the gains.

The center also called for increased efforts to put in place progress indicators to evaluate how successful its green economy development goals have been effective and show to the rest of the world.

Dr. Haileselassie said that the country has been able to demonstrate the world  that achieving fast and green economy is possible amid threats of climate changes.

He said: “There is a great deal of hope among the world that  if Ethiopia as emerging economy, can show its commitment for greener world , the rest of richer world must push for it,” adding that  Ethiopia has already attracted limelight with its ongoing efforts to build climate change resistant economy in various  sectors  appearing  exemplary to the rest of the world.

What is missing is lack of  criteria and standards to evaluate its green energy development performances and show its success on visible manner, he said adding, research centers  and executive bodies should strengthen their  collaboration and exchange of inputs, added Dr. Haileselassie.

The country lags behind designing progress indicators to evaluate its green economy development move . If not done, the country's exemplary lessons would lose credibility.

Currently, financial constraint is posed to be a major challenge and this has to be addressed through building the local  capacity. While properly utilizing the insufficient foreign donations , the country can also achieve its green economy strategy with its capability.

Therefore, the director said new and innovative ways of income generation schemes need to be employed for the success of green economy growth.



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