Premier reaffirms Ethiopia’s unreserved support to Somalia Featured

16 Jun 2017

Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn discussed with his Somali counterpart Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre on ways of bolstering bilateral ties and discussed issues of drought and regional affairs.

The two leaders discussed Tuesday how the two countries could work closely for social, economic, political development in their respective countries.

On the occasion, Prime Minister Hailemariam stressed on strengthening the Ethio-Somali cooperation to chase out Al-Shabaab from the region thereby bringing sustainable peace and stability.

The Prime Minister also noted that the government of Somalia needs to exert effort to benefit Somali citizen from the ongoing social development in the country.

Hailemariam reaffirmed that Ethiopia is committed to provide sustained support to the country.

He emphasized that every stakeholder should cooperate to the realization of the London Somalia Conference agreement.

The premier noted that two countries should use their resource for their mutual benefit stressing the growth of Ethiopia would bring benefits to Somalia and vice versa.

“Utilizing resources like; electric power, road and railway infrastructures, air transportation as well as port services would be fundamental to maintain peace and prosperity of the two countries.”

Citing, Asian Tigers countries success with mutual development, the premier underlined the need to cooperate more to ensure East Africa’s countries mutual growth.

For his part, Premier Khayre said that his country would work closely in many areas for mutual development and benefits of the two peoples.

He expressed gratitude for Ethiopia’s support in tackling the drought impact in his country.

The two leaders have also discussed on ways creating sustainable means of defending drought impacts through increasing production and productivity, according to Ewinetu Bilata, Ethiopian Premier advisor who attended the discussion.



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