Standing Committee hails Corporation’s sugar export plan

18 Jun 2017

Sugar Corporation General Manager Endawok Abite


• Exhorted to expedite projects’ construction

House of People's Representatives Public Enterprises Affairs Standing Committee lauded Sugar Corporation’s preparation to penetrate into the international market while urging to expedite sugar projects under construction.

After scrutinizing Corporation’s annual performance report Friday, Committee Head Alemitu Fufa said the Corporation has been carrying out encouraging efforts to meet the sector’s goals set in the second Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP II).

She also mentioned that the completion of all the sugar projects is equated with the creation of ample jobs for the youth apart from securing foreign currency.

She, however, criticized delays in some projects’ construction while admonishing the Corporation to redouble its efforts and bring the factories into production phase.

For his part, Corporation General Manager Endawok Abite expressed conviction as the country would soon leapfrog into exporting sugar to neighboring countries.

The county is poised to export a 10,000 - ton Sugar to Kenya , he said.

To translate this move into action, the Corporation has done all at its disposal in bringing Kesem, Tendaho and Arjo Dedesa Sugar Projects into production phase while existing factories such as Wonji/Shoa, Fincha’a and Metahara are striving to satisfy the local demand.

He also laid bare that the construction of Omo-Kuraz I, II, III ; Tana Beles I,II and Wolkayt Sugar factories would not see completion this fiscal year. “The construction of these projects is being carried out with an increased pace.”

Moreover, sugarcane plantation, farmland preparation, and project residents as well as road constructions are underway in various sites, he added.

The Corporation has been working jointly with other stakeholders aiming to tackle its finical and implementing capacity gaps, as the manager highlighted.

In this regard, the Corporation and German Chuimite signed Memorandum of Understanding to construct ethanol factory at Wonji sugar plant.

Corporation Communication Corporate Executive Officer Gashew Ayichiluhum for his part made clear that the Corporation has set to establish Sugar academy in a bid to address the sector’s skill gaps.

He also takes the opportunity to announce that the county has a 1.2-million quintal sugar reserve.

Over 564,000 tons sugar, 1.5 million tons biogas, about 98,425 tons of molasses were produced during the reported period. The corporation has created over 67, 000 jobs as well.





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