Experts discuss textile sector ecological standards

18 Jun 2017

GIZ Country Director, Matthias Rompel


Experts from Ethiopia, Germany, and around the world held a two-day discussion regarding the ecological standards of Ethiopia's growing textile sector, on the event channeled by Ministry of Industry, German Cooperation Agency (GIZ), and other partners.

Speaking to journalists Thursday, GIZ Country Director Matthias Rompel said that with GIZ's strong history of supporting Ethiopia and private sector companies towards ensuring contributions to economic development, we have a number of successful examples of development supports. “Today, we host this conference to look through the ways in sustaining the textile and garment sector,” added Rompel,

He further said that this program commissioned by Germany's Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development focuses on safeguarding better and fair conditions for the country's workers while at the same time opening new and forward looking perspectives for the Nation's industrialization process.

The program will launch a number of capacity building training for workers in the textile industry mainly in Industrial Parks as well as the host communities where the projects reside, creating awareness regarding environmental and social protections, said Rompel.

Ethiopian Textile and Garment Manufacturers Association President Fasil Tadesse said such technical assistance would ensure sustainability of sector’s growth.

“As German and GIZ are leaders in sustainability, we hope to gain a lot in the industrialization effort we commenced,” he added.

The program would be implemented with various partners and actors including the Ministry of Industry, international development partners, manufacturers and international buyers.





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