Youth summer volunteers increasing Featured

14 Jul 2017

The Culture of volunteerism and the number of volunteers are showing a marked increase nationwide. This year’s summer volunteerism program has been started for the 15th time with above 1.7 million youth expressing their readiness to serve the society.

Youth's commitment and passion towards social service and executing the country’s green economy policy and green development movement is very impressive, lauded Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen as he opened the program Wednesday.

“As the city is growing and expanding, various social and economic services are needed in governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as the wider society. The youth's participation and the government’s support would be important to sustain coordinated developments thereby to building a country which is suitable to work, live and grow,’’ he noted

Volunteering service was first started by the Addis Ababa youth association 14 years ago and the youth involvement are increasing in number and service types year after year.

“This year, 4 million youth had participated in the dry season while 1.7 million youth are ready to serve on education and training, adult education, awareness creating programs on HIV and other health issues. Besides, seedling plantation and riverside development, blood donation, road traffic services, social police service and many others activities would be undertaken this summer,” he added

Concerning, preventing traffic accident and humanitarian services such as blood donation, the youth has benefited many parts of the society on their last year performance, Abayneh insisted.

According to him, 900,000 volunteers took part in last year’s program and their contribution had stood at 267 million Birr.

Fuad Redi is a volunteer assisting people on a traffic road to prevent traffic accidents as well as ease crowd on rush hour.

“Aside from assisting people’s safety, such volunteering services also keep the youth from wasting their summer time on trivial matters. It rather encourages them to engage in creativity and problem solving activities that help them to learn and grow. It would be also advantageous for the youth to create healthy social chain and lead skillful life.” he said

Welansa Desalegn another volunteer said that it gives her pleasure and mental satisfaction to serve others and to save people's life through blood donation.

“I think it is expression of modernity who cares and provides benefit for its society. It needs to be kept as a culture and habit for the next generation.” she added





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