Ministry stresses need for provision of inputs for agro-industries

07 Sep 2017

The Ministry of Agriculture and Natural resources called for timely and adequate provision of raw materials ahead of the construction of agro industries in four states.

Abdulsemed Abdo, Agricultural Development Adviser to the State Minister tells Ethiopian Press Agency that the nation plans to build 17 agro-industry parks in the second GTP.

Cornerstones have already been laid to commence construction in the Amhara, Oromiya, Tigray and South Nation Nationalities and Peoples States. To realize the vision, sectors should do their home works, like crops and dairy products, he adds.

He further notes the ministry of industry should undertake the construction of the industries in a full-fledged manner and in line with the standards set. The livestock and fishery and the ministry of agriculture and natural resource should work hard and in collaboration to supply the required raw materials, which is the basic component for the agro-industries.

"As a ministry we have prepared a strategy. Discussions have been held with the respective bureaus of the four states. inter ministerial meeting have been ongoing among the ministries. the construction of the industries is taking long while some states have made themselves ready to commence operation” says Abdulsemed.

According to him in order to make agriculture the engine of growth, there has to be progress in terms of commercialization, with more intensive farming, increasing the proportion of marketable outputs. Accordingly, the rationale behind agro-industry is to strengthen the interdependence between agriculture and industry by increasing the productivity of farmers, expanding large scale private commercial farms.

"In fact, what we need is make sure the supply raw materials arrive before production. what should come first is to come up with quality raw materials." he states.

There is potential market for agro industrial products both in domestic and international markets. so what worries most is not just the construction of the industries but the provision of raw materials , he underlines.


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