President calls on stakeholders to cultivate reading culture Featured

07 Sep 2017


President Dr. Mulatu Teshome called on all stakeholders to exert utmost effort to produce competent citizens with commitment to shoulder responsibilities through cultivating strong culture of reading especially among schoolchildren.

During the Ethiopian New Year Reading Day celebration held on Tuesday at the National Palace under the theme “Coming days hold Ethiopia’s ascension in store," Dr. Mulatu urged all stakeholders to actively engage in the ongoing effort to develop children both mentally and thoughtfully so as to prepare them for future excellence.

The president stressed that the realization of all national development goals and students’ holistic growth are highly dependent on reading. Hence, a good reading culture is worthwhile, he remarked.

Dr. Mulatu advised students attending the celebration that reading is their chief responsibility so as to become productive and competent members of the future generation who would eventually uplift nation.

The president has also offered civic education supplementary books for the children as gift. Moreover, the President has read two interesting paragraphs for the students from the book entitled Patriotism, Civic and Ethical Education.

Education Minister Dr. Tilaye Gete for his part added it is difficult to realize the different policies and strategies designed to produce competent citizens without creating a young generation with a developed reading culture.

The Minister further highlighted that the government will provide school libraries with necessary books, teaching-learning materials and other necessary facilities to improve students’ reading culture.

To this end, he also pointed out that reading centers will be built in all Woredas across the nation by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. “The celebration of Ethiopian New Year Reading Day shows that the government has given due attention to the matter,” he added.

World class leaders and successful people across various disciplines often recommend reading as an instrumental game changer in life.






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