Ministry striving to improve forest coverage

07 Sep 2017

Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change (MEFCC) said it has been working to support efforts to build climate resilient economy by increasing the forest coverage to 20 percent at the end of GTP II.

Opening the Green Development Day in connection to the Ethiopian New Year celebration yesterday, MEFCC Minister Dr. Gemedo Dale said about 67 percent of the seedlings that were planted last year are full-grown.

The country has been working to achieve green development through establishing industries that utilize renewal energy and planting seedlings among others, he added.

This year, 3.5 billion seedlings are planted and currently the country’s forest coverage has reached 15.5 percent. The ministry is also endeavoring to increase the coverage to 20 per cent, he said.

As to him, the ministry has been doing its level best to implement various environment protection mechanisms including cultivation of trees, inspection and sanitation among others.

State Minister Kebede Yimam for his part said that the ongoing national effort in conserving environment and building climate resilient economy is encouraging.

The forestation program enables the country to expand construction, increase agricultural productivity and reduce climate change impact among others.”

Moreover it would enhance the nation’s resilient economy program mainly through balancing the climate condition and elongating the service time of the hydroelectric dams by protecting them from sediment, the State Minister noted.


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