People with their New Year’s Resolutions

12 Sep 2017

With its remarkable 3,000 years of history, Ethiopia warmly celebrates Enqutatash, the feast of Ethiopian New Year. Unlike many other countries, the nation has its own calendar and celebrates its New Year.

Enqutatash creates delightful feelings for many people since it is one of the affectionately celebrated holidays in Ethiopia. With the approaching of the holiday, seeing a crowd of people buying holiday staffs, listening to holiday music in every malls and market stations and many other magnetizing things would not be a surprise as those are the incredible things typically witnessed on the final week before the holidays.

Many people, with the intention of becoming a better person, come up with countless plans as the holiday is mainly perceived as a start of something new. Whether written or unrecorded, people are heard expressing “We will do this and that for the upcoming year,”

At the beginning of a New Year, people mainly focus on what they want to achieve on that specific year. What matters at the moment is what they want to get not which way they are going to achieve it. Because of that we have seen many failed plans and goals.

Eager to have a better business for next year, Abel kebede, owner of traditional clothes and gifts shop, said that despite the fact that he could not be able to achieve most of his this year’s goals due to different reasons, he is planning to take his business to another level by comprising various qualities and required clothes and gifts.

Approached by The Ethiopian Herald, Seble Mandefro, owner of traditional clothes shop, on her side mentioned that she is preparing herself to have a well organized and great business for the coming year. She said that she has almost achieved her goals this year and she is readying herself to do more.

On the contrary, Marta said that she did not do much on her plans that she is deferring the plan to the upcoming New Year along with her new plans.

Sharing her idea, Belay Ephrem, owner of traditional clothes and souvenir shops said that he is planning to take his failed plans aligning them with his new year’s plan for the coming year.

Since the holiday is believed to bring about a variety of immense things, all of them wished to see the nation grow and prosper. They said that they want to see nothing but a peaceful, secured and growing city. Caring one to another is our identity, putting people before us is what we have been known for ages so nothing comes before our country we should give the nation a priority and think as kindred souls to see a better Ethiopia.




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