A year of bliss and peace

12 Sep 2017

A new year marks the backpedaling of the old one and the ensuing of a new one. It is a moment to express good wishes of bliss and peace. What is the take of citizens in different walks of life regarding Ethiopian New year –2010?

I wish all Ethiopians, home and abroad, a very best 2010—full of health, wealth and peace! We begin a new Ethiopian year full of confidence and optimism. Hopefully, 2010 shall be our year of renaissance! Buoyant, we had partaken in the ten-day events held to accentuate the ensuing of a new year,” so remarked Dr. Biruk Lambisso, a senior consultant and Orthopedic Surgeon ,approached by The Ethiopian Herald.

He went on saying “Each challenge should bring us together, each accomplishment should make us stronger. It must not drive a divisive wedge among us. Ethiopia is our God-given homeland. It belongs to all of us. The world has already started to zoom attention towards Ethiopia an exemplary country and we never hesitate to rise up to that responsibility. We shall overcome and conquer poverty. I am certain that the upcoming year will bring greater glory to Ethiopia and our people.”

Dr. Biruk added “ So, when this New Year ensues, let us congratulate each other and convey each other's love and happiness. May all our dreams come true. May GOD bless every Ethiopian”

Confused by the wrong image painted about Ethiopia an insignificant number of citizens were harboring fear to visit their much-beloved country before they see things firsthand. Dr Wondwossen Eshetu,Country Director,MD, MSc, DTM&H, WAHA-International was one of such citizens. He told The Ethiopian Herald “ I remember things vividly when I came back to Ethiopia three years back after a long years of stay; 26 to be specific, living abroad. It goes without saying what a nostalgic turmoil of feeling that I had in my belly. A butterfly phenomena! Questions after questions, the fear of the unknown and how to adopt the new generation's life style were some of the anxieties that used to rob my mental peace.”

He further noted “Disproving unfounded stories and hearsays, Ethiopia embraced me with unconditional love giving what is available in abundance. The genuine affection my work colleagues showered me with, the working environment with 33 Universities and the hospitality I received in my entire walk of professional and personal life are beyond my expectation not mentioning being with my mom as a cheery on top of the cake. ”

Beyond his plan of staying for a year he has extended his stay to 3 to 4 years. He counts himself lucky to be part and parcel of his beloved county. Relating about the developmental feat Ethiopia is portraying he said “I was involved in an incredibly satisfying task which was a dynamic scenario of change in the arena of Health care! Ethiopian Ministry of Health is one of the sectors, which are bringing change into the community at large. The direction of Health Care Service delivery, coupled with the Health Sector Transformation Plan, has afforded the whole population of 100 million inhabitants to grow by leaps and bounds. All these activities showcase how Ethiopia is achieving goals enunciated on the international arena. Achieving the indicators like Maternal Mortality rate, Ante Natal Coverage etc…is encouraging and indeed fascinating …..Praise the Lord for all and may the Almighty bless our country.”

For additional take of experts on New Year see Herald guest page.


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