Ethiopian New Year: New chapter for peace, development

12 Sep 2017

The upcoming Ethiopian New Year has to be a new chapter for spurring development and seeing to the sustainability of peace and security in the country, according to political parties.

Chairperson of Unity for Democracy and Justice Party Tigistu Awolu told The Ethiopian Herald that aspirant for lasting tranquility and serenity all segments of the society have to welcome the upcoming Ethiopian New Year with new hope.

They have to further nurture the decorum of abiding by the rule of law and achieving speedy development. The incumbent has to attach outstanding prominence to addressing citizens' ever-mounting and growth-attending demands and ensuring people's active participation in all sociopolitical issues, he added.

Tigistu also said that in the New Year the public expects more from the government in terms of fulfilling its obligations enshrined in the constitution. Carrying out the proper implementation of the rule of law and other constitutional provisions of the nation is among the major areas that need improvement in the New-Year, he stressed.

Tigistu noted, “Though we are as always struggling for Ethiopian ascension, its growth should comprise the transformational changes in the manifestation of democracy, human rights, and as a whole a wide and level political landscape.” “Unison and common consensus have to be created among the ruling and the opposition political parties to come up with industrious and peace-loving citizens,” he added.

According to Tigistu, a mind bent of extremism has to be rooted out from citizens' mind to further ensure peace and development in the coming Ethiopian New-Year. “Also the people as well as the political parties have to be rational, a springboard for diving into developmental depths. Reinforcing the ongoing flagship projects and the support extended to the youth must be strengthened to ensure Ethiopian prosperity.”

His Party wishes the coming days to be Ethiopia's ascension particularly in encouraging active participation of the people in political election, avoiding rent-seeking mentality and making the New-Year a time for harvesting tangible and remarkable results in all aspects, he noted.

President of All Ethiopian National Movement Party Mesafint Shiferaw for his part said that it is good if the New Year proves a time of standing for common development and mutual benefit of citizens. Wish is meaningful if it is accompanied by action, he remarked.

To make the New Year more fruitful, the ruling party has to strengthen the culture of peaceful negotiations with the opposing political parties. It has to establish a democratic system in the country that helps to make the election, to be held in Addis Ababa City in the New Year, more successful.”

As the ruling party has to build a platform of debates and dialogues, the oppositions must abide by the rule of law .They have to be ready for participating in all development endeavors and for widening the political landscape, despite some hurdles slackening the process.”

According to Mesafint, his party wishes the New Year to be time for crystallizing Ethiopia's growth and prosperity, and allowing it stand shoulder high as compared to other nations in all socio, economic and political matters.

Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP) Managing Committee Member Adane Tadese also told the Ethiopian Herald that political parties have prominent role in bolstering all growth and development activities. As citizens and the government aspire for a new hope and ambition during the New Year, EDP also aspires for ushering in peace and development for the betterment of the country, he added.

Resolving conflicts via dialogues is not an optional task but a mandatory one for one's developing country, beset by challenges. Thus, conducting heated debates and negotiating on burning and contradictory issues help to the furtherance of peace and the sustenance of development efforts in the country,” Adane comments.

As to Adane, peace and development are the two sides of a coin that could not separate each other. In times of disagreement, it is good citizens protect their national properties rather than smashing them with stones, he noted .

Director of Public Relations for the House of Federation Gebru Gebreselassie for his part told the Ethiopian Herald that as Ethiopia had been standing out for its unique culture that surfed the tide of time, this scenario has to be properly cultivated and it is crucial to let the country outshine for its rapid economic growth in the coming days.”

With enthusiasm, Ethiopians are registering tangible achievements since the commencement of the second millennium. The push towards the country’s renaissance is promising. Developmental thrusts aim at inclusive growth, Gebru said adding, the remaining years will be the time for Ethiopian ascension generally in infrastructural developments, democratic system and economic growth.

To join the ranks of middle income countries, political parties and citizens should contribute to the development of the country, particularly in maintaining peace and negotiating on ideas for mutual prosperity,” he remarked.

The ruling should be more commited in identifying problems and quickly addressing all questions to benefit the public from gained peace and development,” he added.

The upcoming 2010 Ethiopian New Year is hopefully a transformational phase for all Ethiopians in bringing attitudinal change and implementing development programmes. Apart from respecting the rule of law, all parties as well as citizens need to contribute for the emergence of a prosperous nation cherishing the value of tolerance and coexistence.”


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