TVETs providing competent human capital Featured

14 Sep 2017

The TVET program has been playing a significant role in achieving the country’s transformation to industry-led economy by providing skilled manpower in various fields.

Students graduated from various TVET programs are becoming important role players in various enterprises utilizing their knowledge and skill, Federal TVET Agency Coaches Development Coordinator Hailemichael Asrat told The Ethiopian Herald.

In GTP II, the government has been working to sustain the nation’s growth by industrializing the economy though enhanced FDI inflow and development of small and medium enterprises, he added.

Some 74 percent of last year’s TVET graduates are able to get jobs, while efforts are underway to increase the employment rate to 90 percent, he states.

As to him, sustainable financial and training support enables TVET graduates to be equipped with the required knowledge and skill and establish a successful career.

Today the graduates are playing constructive roles in various sectors of the economy both as employees in various governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as owners of their own businesses, he adds.

“TVETs have been filling the rising demand for efficient and skilled manpower in various disciplines.”

According to Hailemichael, the agency is working jointly with stakeholders to implement deliverlogy system to improve education quality.

The agency also set up to give capacity building practical training to the graduates before and after employment, he noted.

The country annually graduates over 800, 000 TVET students in regular and short term trainings.





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